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Cruelty Doesn't Taste Good: The South Korean Slaughter of Cats and Dogs

Updated on December 5, 2011

A Taste of Truth

In a part of South Korea, cats, dogs, and even puppies and kittens, live miserable lives in small cages, suffer intentionally torturous deaths, and are consumed by those who are either callous or ignorant of how these animals had to die for human selfishness. There's a sad story behind it with no remorse attached. The truth is, to prepare these sweet creatures for food, a very old-fashioned belief is honored. It is the belief that causing cats and dogs a long and painful death will increase adrenaline flow in the animals, which enhances the flavor of the meat, and possibly aids sexual performance. There is also the belief that drinking liquified cat helps rheumatism and arthritis, and to do this, cats are boiled alive in large cauldrons of scalding hot water. Luckily, most Koreans have moved past the belief, as science has proven it to be false. Still, some Koreans cling to the belief and refuse to let it go, so the torture continues.

Watch this very true and real video and see how terrified these animals are. They have animal instincts, and are aware of what is happening to their fellow cage mates. They hear the pain-filled screams. Can you imagine the fear they must be feeling? This could be your own dear cat or dog.

The Truth Hurts

Now, most Koreans have outgrown this tradition, and this practice mainly continues in the Black Market. But nevertheless, animals are still suffering and dying this way, and that's unacceptable. Let's face it ---- as long as there is a profit being made from encouraging this myth, this cruelty will continue.

Well, I Don't Live in Korea, So What Can I Do To Help?

How can we help when we live so far away from the problem? How can our far-away voices on this matter make an impact?

Don't let a thing like distance stop you from standing up for those who can't. It may seem hopeless, but fear not; there is always something you can do to help! You have more power than you think you do. You can express your concerns to the ambassador of the Republic of Korea, Han Duk-soo, tell him that you are outraged that he allows animals to suffer horribly, and make sure to include in your letter that you will not buy Korean goods, support Korean business, or visit Korea until he stops the cruel consumption of cats and dogs. Contact him through this link:

If there is cruelty going on in another country, you do have the power to diffuse it, and don't be fooled into thinking you don't. Boycott Korean goods. Koreans trade and do business with other nations, and if enough people reject their trade and business, they will be forced into correcting this terrible thing happening in their country.

Protest the South Korean meat trade. You can write to the ambassador, and you can boycott Korean goods until the tortured screams of the innocent cats and dogs are silenced. Let's change this. 


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    • dumolid profile image

      dumolid 24 months ago


    • nataliejs profile image

      Natalie Schaeffer 6 years ago from Farmersville, CA

      I don't get it either, arusho. And the Korean Animal Protection group is too small to really make a huge impact. It's a shame. It almost seems like some people get off on torturing animals. It's sick.

    • arusho profile image

      arusho 6 years ago from University Place, Wa.

      Why are people so stupid and mean! At least there is the Korean Animal Protection group for these poor animals.

    • nataliejs profile image

      Natalie Schaeffer 6 years ago from Farmersville, CA

      I is very sad to hear of animals being hurt. But whether or not we hear about it, it still happens, and that's what matters. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

    • wytegarillaz profile image

      wytegarillaz 6 years ago from Australia

      It is so sad to hear of animals being hurt ,Found you hubhopping


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