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Sleeping Bags for Dogs

Updated on December 19, 2015

Does Your Dog Sleep in a Sleeping Bag?!

Doggie sleeping bags are ideal for fur babies who loves to snuggle up and burrow under the covers. It may seem a little strange to see a dog poking it snout out of a sleeping bag, but the habit quite natural for many breeds that were selected to dig, hunt and catch quarry underground.

At our house, you won't want to see the dog without their sacks. Sweet Hopper, in particular, gets so excited when his sack comes back from the wash and very worried if it doesn't seem to show up in time. Hopper loves is sack so much he even tucks himself in at night. As dog owners, we can all appreciate that a lot of the dog's odor stays inside the sack. Frequent washing is a must, but you may notice a decrease in the funky dog smell. Read on to see if a sleeping bag might be a good match for your dog.

* All dog photos and construction diagrams were created by me.

What Breeds Enjoy Dog Sleeping Bags?

Doggie sleeping bags are ideal for terriers and dog who love to burrow, dig or snuggle under the covers. Terriers and some breeds in the hound group, such as dachshunds, were bred to enter burrows after their quarry. In fact, "terra" or ground is the root word for Terrier.

Dog sleeping bags seem to be most popular with:

  • Jack Russels
  • Rat Terriers
  • Dachsunds
  • Chihuahuas
  • Min Pins
  • Shih Tzu
  • Yorkies
  • Schnauzers
  • Maltese
  • Traditional Terrier Breeds
Owners have also reported great results with mutts and other unexpected breeds like the Italian greyhound. Rabbits and cats love burrowing beds too.

Sack or no sack? - Would your dog use a sleeping bag?

Yes, No, Maybe So

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Doggie Sleeping Bag Photos - Edit this to add photos of your pet

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Ahhh....Catchin some zzzzzzzs.Did I smell a treat?Sleep. Sweet sleep.
Ahhh....Catchin some zzzzzzzs.
Ahhh....Catchin some zzzzzzzs.
Did I smell a treat?
Did I smell a treat?
Sleep. Sweet sleep.
Sleep. Sweet sleep.

Why doggie sleeping bags?

In a dog's world, comfort is everything.

Make Your Own Dog Sleeping Bag

Making your own doggie sleeping bag is really simple

Here's how i made mine. You will need:

One Cheap Comforter

Sewing Machine

Measuring Tape



Make a Doggie Sleeping Sack from a Cheap Comforter

One throw-sized comforter can make two mid-sized sacks. Used the finished edges to create the edges of your doggie sack and minimize sewing.

Aeolus Down Microfiber Down Alternative Comforter Set, Twin/Twin X-Long Teal/Lime 66X92
Aeolus Down Microfiber Down Alternative Comforter Set, Twin/Twin X-Long Teal/Lime 66X92
Start with a cheap comforter filled with microfiber or polyester fiber. This is just like the one I used. These things are be washed a million times to remove all the dog funk. Pharmacies and big box stores are also great places to find fake down comforters and throws on the cheap.

Cut The Pieces For Your Doggie Sleeping Bag

Measure the length and width of your dog's crate or bed and add an extra two or three inches to accommodate your seam allowances.

Alternative Construction Method

Pin and Sew

And You're Done!


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