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Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

Updated on February 25, 2016
Bob Schroeder profile image

I love to feed the birds and not the squirrels. A squirrel proof bird feeder was the answer I needed.

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders Do Exist

Over the past few years I have discovered that there are really squirrel proof bird feeders. I always thought that this was just another urban legend until I actually saw them in action.

Some of these feeders are battery operated and swing around when a squirrel tries to get at the food, others have perches that are weight controlled and close the food openings when a squirrel jumps on them.

If you do a little research and set a budget for your purchase, you can get a bird feeder that will keep the squirrels away from your bird food.

Photo by Lo Min Ming

Is Your Home Divided On The Squirrel Issue

Many homes, such as mine, are divided households.

I think squirrels are adorable and are great fun to watch. My wife thinks they are the biggest pests in the world and curses them every day.

The reason my wife hates them so much is because they have been outwitting her for the past 2 years. No matter how many different types of bird feeders she put up, the squirrels would figure out how to get the bird seed out. This was a great source of joy for me, watching them plot and plan and eventually coming up with a way to get at the seed.

Of course, my wife and the birds didn't think this was much fun.

Each day, I would look out of the kitchen window and marvel at the way these little guys would get into the bird feeders. Each day, my wife would look out of the kitchen window and scream, "get out of there you little monsters." Somehow, I don't think she had much of a sense of humor for what was happening.

Then, my worst nightmare happened.

My wife bought a squirrel proof bird feeder, and the darn thing actually worked.

Enjoy Feeding The Birds

Not the squirrels. Squirrel proof bird feeders are the answer

One Person's Joy Is Another Person's Sorrow

And So It Was In My Household

My joy of watching the little squirrels do their thing by plotting and planning to steal bird seed, has now been turned into sorrow.

The sorrow and anger my wife felt toward the squirrels, has now turned into Screaming Joy and some sort of weird laughter.

To make my sorrow even deeper, she bought 3 more of the squirrel proof bird feeders. Now my days are spent, looking out of the kitchen window and watching my little squirrel friends going deeper and deeper into a depression because of the cruelity of the squirrel proof bird feeders.

I am certain that there is no, "save the squirrel" movement, but can't you feel even a little sadness for our little friends. After all, their reign of being the "kings of bird seed steelers" is rapidly coming to an end.

Just think of this, for every squirrel proof bird feeder that is sold, 3 squirrels are defeated and are sent spiraling into depression.

The sadness of it all is just to much for words.

Squirrel Pests Can Be Outwitted - These squirrel proof bird feeders actually do work

squirrel proof feeder
squirrel proof feeder

My wife decided to invest in one of the best rated squirrel proof bird feeders and believe it or not the darn thing actually stopped the squirrels from getting the bird seed.

Some how, the weight of the squirrel closed off the feed ports and the poor little squirrel was stuck there, looking at a piece of metal, instead of the seed. I can't imagine how disappointed the little fella was. On the other hand, my wife was jumping up and down with joy, yelling, "I fixed you, you little monster."

Photo by Bob Schroeder

Ever Hear Of A Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder? - Turn your squirrel pest into squirrel fun

You can sit outside all day and watch your neighborhood squirrels try to get into the bird feeders, but you will know that they won't be able to.

Squirrels are actually cute, if they aren't eating your bird seed.

See how much fun squirrels can be.

Those furry little friends are a pain sometimes

Do you love to watch the birds or squirrels

Come on now, admit it, this is really cute.

Hey! These guys are cute

This is could be the battle for the Heavyweight Championship.

Where are the birds

All you can say about this, is AWWWW.

Squirrels May Be Smart - But You Can Outwit Them With These Bird Feeders

Never let it be said that a human can't figure out a way to defeat the "bird seed stealing"squirrels.

squirrel proof feeder in cover
squirrel proof feeder in cover

Don't Forget To Provide Safe Cover For Your Bird Feeder

A Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder With Cover Around It

When you provide safe cover, such as bushes for your birds, they will be more likely to utilize your squirrel proof bird feeder.

Birds of all kinds will shy away from feeding in the open. Any animal or other bird that preys on smaller birds will make good use of a feeder that is in an open area. If you watch your feeders for a while, you will notice that the small birds hit the feeder, grab a couple of quick bites and then fly for the nearest cover. Their instinct is to stay in as much cover as they possibly can. They will avoid your bird feeder if it doesn't have any kind of bushes or trees around that they can safely fly to in case of a predator.

Generally speaking, squirrels are not bird predators. You buy a squirrel proof bird feeder to stop them from stealing th bird seed. Once the squirrel realizes that they can't get into the feeder, they will search out an easier food source and the birds will have the seed all to themselves.

Photo by Bob Schroeder

Never Give Up On Your Squirrels - A Little Knowledge Can Go A Long Way

Never forget that squirrels are very intelligent creatures and are educated by their parents from birth. They go to "bird seed stealing" seminars and even take some "on line" courses.

Don't let them outwit you, read as much as you can and don't quit on your squirrel deterrent knowledge.

Squirrel proof bird feeders are great, but you should learn as much as possible them.

Ever had a squirrel problem?

Some people just have a knack for getting rid of squirrels or outwitting them. Give us the benefit of all your experiences and maybe we all can benefit.

How Have You Outwitted A Squirrel? - Share Your Best Practices With Everyone Else

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