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The Squirrel Chronicles

Updated on January 18, 2014

Squirrels Do The Strangest Things - You Love Them Or You Hate Them

My Chronicles About Squirrels will be ongoing .. I wish I could say I love Squirrels.

The truth is that I do find them entertaining. I often find myself laughing and watching while a squirrel causes destruction that I know I am going to spend time fixing. To honor my furry friends I have created this Lens.


This is possibly the funniest video that I have ever seen using a squirrel as the star. A Must view...

You Need A Little Squirrel Love

The Saga Of Paw Paw

I live in a house that some people refer to as the Tree House. No, its not actually built in a tree. The front of my house is about 30 feet off the ground and surrounded by trees. When approaching the house or standing on the front deck, there is the appearance the house is built in the trees.

I often find myself standing on the deck, leaning against the railing and watching the world below. One day while passing time, I realized something had approached my arm. Turning, there was a squirrel laying on his side and slowly crawling toward me. I realized this squirrel had suffered a very bad leg injury that looked infected. Right or Wrong, I approached the squirrel for a closer look. The squirrel just laid there allowing me to touch it. I went in the house and got some antiseptic and poured it on his wound. I returned with some food for the injured squirrel. The squirrel ate and then slowly hobbled away on three legs. Each day for a week the squirrel returned and we repeated the process. Food and antiseptic. After a week the squirrel was better and using the leg.

We named him paw paw and for another year he was a constant nuisance, raiding bird feeders and trying to sneak into the house. Paw Paw you will always be remembered.

There Is Squirrel Karma

Into our world entered a squirrel named "Ears". This squirrel had the longest ears I have ever seen on a Grey Squirrel.

On our deck my wife has a large plaster Owl. Now do not believe that fake Owls scare off squirrels, they don't. One morning my wife and I walked outside and there Ears was sitting on the Owls head chewing on the ears. I do not know to this day why because we have never seen another squirrel do this. I think for some reason it wanted the gypsum, perhaps Ears was just a little strange.

It was only a matter of weeks and that plaster Owl had no ears left. Where does Karma enter into this?

A month had passed and Ears showed up, some animal had chewed its ears off. I know this had to be Karma, yet I always felt sorry for this destructive little creature. After a few more months we never seen Ears again, but we see that poor old Owl every day.

Mission Impossible

If you enjoy squirrels and squirrel adventures, you have to watch this.

Read Your Squirrel A Story

Alvin - Alvin Stop That

Alvin and the Chipmunks
Alvin and the Chipmunks

Alvin is the Worlds Greatest Singer and Actor backed up by the Chipmunks Alvin Rules


Knowledge Should Be Shared

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Welcome To The Squirrels Nest

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    • profile image

      Spikey64 6 years ago

      Squirrels are very mischievous creatures that is why I fin them so fascinating.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Yea, I love squirrels too! Pan fried with butter and lots of onions. Ever had a McSquirrel? Squirrel Nuggets?Squirrel season is almost here! LOL

    • profile image

      weldingreptile 6 years ago

      I love squirrels!!!

    • Annoco LM profile image

      Nick Lewis 7 years ago from Blackpool

      Great lens i enjoyed the videos but these critters can cause some serious damage to your home.I would admire them form a far around the home you should < Get rid of squirrels

    • religions7 profile image

      religions7 8 years ago

      :) fun lens. blessed by a squidangel today.

    • profile image

      eaglew 8 years ago

      Great lens. I have brown and black squirrels were I live. And I did like all your videos.

    • Nara White Owl profile image

      Nara White Owl 9 years ago

      Love your lens,I have been looking over all the videos for about one hour. So I be back soon to see what is new later. I love squirrels !!