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Stocking Stuffers For Your Pets

Updated on March 8, 2015

Gifts For your Pets, not Stuff your Pets in the Stocking

Yes I have thought of doing that but the cats and dogs just won't fit all the way in.

For some people they get a new pet for Christmas. For others its getting a little something for the pets. If you think about it pets are a part of the family and should get a little something for Christmas. I realize that they can't easily unwrap the gifts. So putting the presents in a stocking that can easily be emptied in front of them may be a good work around. That way they can see and sometimes play with what was there.

If your pets are like ours no gift is good enough to replace the bows that are on the packages. The cats love them and we are lucky if we can find all of them when cleaning up all the wrapping paper.

I also realize that there are more pets in the world than I will have listed here but please take a look at what I have listed and remember that your pets are part of your family.

Gifts for Cats

Some of these we have and I am recommending theme others are ones that I am looking into. OK the ones with the comments are ones we have the other three are being looked into.

Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy, Colors may vary
Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy, Colors may vary

This is one that we have and its amazing just to see the cats swat the ball around and around. And to show how popular it is my parents also have several cats and they all enjoy using this. In fact its interesting to see two cats sort of battling it out by pushing the ball back and forth. And wondering is it a competition to see who can get the ball past the other cat or are they just doing it to see how long the humans will watch them?


For me, Christmas morning comes after 12:00 PM

For me, Christmas morning comes after 12:00 PM
For me, Christmas morning comes after 12:00 PM
JPI JAKKS Pacific CFA Active Plush House Mouse with Catnip
JPI JAKKS Pacific CFA Active Plush House Mouse with Catnip

Personally I don't think the cats care what the toy is as long as it includes cat nip.


What Cats usually go for before their presents

  1. The bows that come on packages are what disappears first in out house.
  2. The ribbons on the packages are great to chase around especially as someone is trying to get off of their package
  3. Any ornament or decoration on the tree.
  4. Bags and boxes that packages come in are a well enjoyed diversion for the cats.
  5. Things that you are eating or drinking because if you have it the cats say it is theirs.


Gifts for Dogs

Dogs are mans best friend. Because of that they are easier to shop for.

Growing up we always had dogs. Now a days I don't. But I still remember them and what they liked. At least I think I do...

Believe it or not the dog toys were harder to pick then the cat toys

If You Want Better Presents Go for the Sad Eyes

Hartz Plush Hedgehog Dog Toy - Large
Hartz Plush Hedgehog Dog Toy - Large

When you have a dog that spends years stalking one of these little guys just to finally get one you think this would have been much easier.

Coleman Urban Mailman Pet Toy
Coleman Urban Mailman Pet Toy

Seeing as these are dog toys the mail man had to get worked in some how.


Gifts for Hamsters, Gerbils, Mice and our other fuzzy friends

Growing up we had mice and hamsters. The daughter had a gerbil and the parents had a pet rat after the kids moved out. Go figure.

These fuzzy guys are fun to pet and hold. Though watch your timing as they will often leave little love gifts if they are nervous. Yes mom that one was for you.

What you will see here is mostly about motion. These little guys need to move. The other one is a chew toy. You see dogs aren't the only ones that need to chew on things. In this case they need to to chew to help keep their teeth ready willing and able throughout their lives.

Kaytee Nut Knot Nibbler Mini Chew Toy for Hamsters
Kaytee Nut Knot Nibbler Mini Chew Toy for Hamsters

After raising them as a kid it was amazing how much the little guys actually could chew threw. So as the say the more the merrier. And the more they can chew on the merrier they will be.


Gifts for the Birds

My sister that works in a zoo has several pet birds. Just try to call her on the phone and not hear them in the back ground is almost imposable if she is anywhere near her home. That includes being outside. So sister her are a few ideas for you and your husband to spring on the birds in the house. Your dog Is covered I know I have seen the pictures.

As a side note these were the hardest to find as most of the ways I was searching brought up bird cages.

Audubon Traditional Wren House Model NAWREN
Audubon Traditional Wren House Model NAWREN

If you have a home then offer one to a bird in your neighborhood


If your second cousin twice removed is part of your family so is the pet that lives with you.

Gifts for Fish

When I was in college I actually went out and got tanked. Yes it was a 10 gallon fish tank. The first resident to move in was a red crab. Then a few gold fish. Add into that one bottom feeder to help keep the walls clean. It was interesting how we once had an ice store and lost power and heat for several days. All of those in the tank survived. Its amazing how resistant those little guys were.

I am a cat person that's why they are at the top of the list. So why did the fish toys get done first?

Penn Plax Battleship Aquarium Fish Tank Decoration
Penn Plax Battleship Aquarium Fish Tank Decoration

Did you ever think that fish tanks are decorated more for the owners then the fish? Little things like this make me wonder. As does the TV show Tanked on the Animal Channel.

Exotic Environments Caribbean Living Reef Aquarium Ornament, Mini , 4-Inch by 3-1/2-Inch by 3-1/2-Inch
Exotic Environments Caribbean Living Reef Aquarium Ornament, Mini , 4-Inch by 3-1/2-Inch by 3-1/2-Inch

Unlike the above ship these are actually closer to what the fish would be used to seeing. Besides other fish that is.


When it comes to gifts for your pets

Which do you tend to do

So what do you think

Did you find anything that your pets might like?

See results

These Gifts maybe the Cats Meow - Feel free to voice your opinion on that one

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