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Strawberry Fields Dog Park Snohomish County Washington

Updated on October 21, 2013

Strawberry Fields for Rover Dog Park - Marysville, WA

The Strawberry Fields for Rover Off Leash Dog Park in Snohomish County is a dog park I enjoy visiting with my dogs. It is about 6 acres in size and located in north Marysville, WA between Smokey Point and Marysville behind the Strawberry Fields Athletic Complex. In the summer months it is hidden by a field of tall grass, so it isn't visible from the soccer fields parking lot, but it can be easily reached by walking about a quarter mile behind the soccer complex. Dogs and their humans will find a fully fenced dog park about 3 acres in size with a supply of clean-up bags and a drinking fountain for both canines and humans. As the name suggests, this dog park was once part of a farm where strawberries were grown.

Come along with me and my border collies, Tim and Skye for a visit to "Strawberry Fields for Rover" Off-leash Dog Park.

Where is Strawberry Fields For Rover? - Enter the address of your starting point for directions

The dog park is not visible from the road or the parking lot by the soccer fields, but it is not difficult to find by following a mowed path through a field of tall grass.

A marker6100 152nd St. NE, marysville, wa -
6100 152nd St. NE, marysville, wa
get directions

Clean-up Bags - Never forget your bags with these handy dispensers

Although the Strawberry Fields Dog Park has dispensers with a supply of clean-up bags, it is always a good idea to bring your own in case the containers are empty. There is also about a quarter mile walk from the parking lot to the the off-leash area and a clean-up bag might be needed before arriving at a dispenser.

Room for dogs to run and people to relax - A large open field


Strawberry Fields Dog Park is actually much larger than it appears from the entrance. A few yards after entering the gate it opens up to a large open field about 6 acres in size. There are some tunnels and other pieces of equipment that can be used for practicing some agility skills and a picnic table where people can sit and watch their dogs play. There is plenty of room to play fetch or a game of frisbie.

Strawberry Fields For Rover Fun Facts

Opened: December 2008

Location: 6100 152nd St NE

Hours: 7:00 am-dusk daily

Play fetch or frisbie - Bring along a toy

This dog park has a wonderful big, flat, open area that is perfect for playing fetch or frisbie.

Taller grass meadow area - Fun in the unmowed area around the perimeter


The park is maintained by volunteers, so beyond the area with the picnic table and agility equipment is an area that is often left unmowed. It would be possible to lose sight of a small dog in the tall grass, but my medium size dogs enjoyed bounding through the grass so we don't mind that it isn't always mowed.

Training treats and treat bags - Keep your treats handy

Having treats in a treat bag helps to be able to reward good behavior quickly when training your dog.

A convenient drinking fountain - For dogs and people


The park is equipped with a handy 3-level drinking fountain. The upper spigot for adults or very tall canines, the middle one for children, people in wheelchairs or tall dogs and the lower one at a convenient height for most dogs. The only drawbacks to this great dog park is that it can be a bit muddy after a few days of rain and it is best to visit early in the day in the summer because there are not yet any trees tall enough to provide any shade.

Marysville Dog Owners Group - Support M-Dog

The Strawberry Fields For Rover Off Leash Dog Park was created through the efforts of the Marysville Dog Owners Group, also known as M-Dog. M-Dog is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization formed by area dog owners and friends in Marysville who want to create awareness of the need for off-leash dog parks in the Marysville area.

M-DOG also works with Marysville Parks and Recreation to provide stewardship for maintaining off-leash dog parks as they are developed. M-DOG's major fundraising event is Poochapalooza, an annual tail-wagging outdoor dog event. Poochapalooza went on hiatus in 2010, and instead participated in the annual Scrub-a-Mutt in August at Strawberry Fields Athletic Complex, home of Strawberry Fields for Rover Off-Leash Park. M-DOG is bringing back Poochapalooza on July 13, 2013.

M-Dog is always looking for more volunteers to become involved in M-DOG and Poochapalooza. Are you in?

Is your dog ready for the dog park? - This book can help you decide

Dog parks are a great place for dogs and people to get exercise and socialize with other people and dogs, but unfortunately not all dogs should be taken to a dog park. This book is a great source of information to determine if you should take your dog to an off leash dog park, what to teach your dog before going to a dog park and the things to watch for to you have a safe and fun experience with your dog.

Visiting the Dog Park: Having Fun, Staying Safe
Visiting the Dog Park: Having Fun, Staying Safe

Dog parks are great - just not for every dog, every time. Taking your dog to a dog park is a great way to exercise and socialize your canine companion. Dog parks offer fresh air, open space, and freedom - a chance for your dog to be a dog. But not all dogs enjoy the experience and not all dog parks are safe for your dog. Learn Practical skills: Evaluate your dog's temperament to decide if he's dog park ready. What design features a well-planned dog park should have. Teach your dog four simple behaviors to make him dog park safe. How to read canine body language to avoid problems. Dog park etiquette for both dogs and humans.


Don't forget a collar and leash - Martingale collars are adjustable and prevent escapes


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    • profile image

      Monty 2 years ago

      That's it? Where's the last frame where the dog slams into you as you both share a hollywood roll, arm in leg, lnuhgiag and yelping, down the slope?

    • PNWtravels profile image

      Vicki Green 6 years ago from Wandering the Pacific Northwest USA

      @norma-holt: A good point about the clean-up bags - they are provided by M-Dog, which is a non-profit organization run by volunteers and relies on donations so they provide what they can get - perhaps not the most earth-friendly types of bags. Another good reason to bring your own!

    • norma-holt profile image

      norma-holt 6 years ago

      Another wonderfu lens of your Vicki, and a great topic. Do people pick up the dropping in plastic bags that then go to landfill or are they paper? My dog Mini is not into big waks now due to her heart murmur. Love the pics and description of their play. Featured on Top 10 Dog Tributes. Hugs.

    • paperfacets profile image

      Sherry Venegas 6 years ago from La Verne, CA

      I enjoy all your Washington state lenses.