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Great stuff for Toy Fox Terriers!

Updated on October 23, 2014
GollyGearHope profile image

Hope Saidel is co-owner of Golly Gear, a bricks-and-mortar and online shop featuring fun, affordable and practical small dog products

TFTs have big personality in a small package!

From the American Toy Fox Terrier Club: "The TFT makes a wonderful companion and seems to anticipate his master's every thought and mood. Nothing escapes the keen hearing of the TFT which, coupled with his alert nature, makes him an exceptional watchdog.

"The TFT is an outgoing and friendly dog, yet fiercely loyal to his family. It is impossible not to spoil these funny, loving, intelligent, and utterly loyal little dogs.

"While, like most Toy breeds, the TFT should not be paired with very young children, he is an exemplary companion for all ages. The TFT is content and capable of any range of activities from hunting, to obedience, to just lounging around in the sun (or on the sofa!). Toy Fox Terriers remain playful all of their lives and never tire of entertaining their human companions.

"The TFT is a wonderful breed! If you own one, you already know that! If you are considering one, I am sure you will find the Toy Fox Terrier is the toy breed for you! We look forward to welcoming you into the Toy Fox Terrier Community!"

Our shop, Golly Gear, specializes in small dogs. Our dog-loving staff will be delighted to help you find exactly the right stuff for your wonderful Toy Fox Terrier!

Braided Leather Collar
Braided Leather Collar

Braided Leather Collar

A simple Braided Leather collar for your TFT, but with extra flair! Two colors of leather, braided together to create a luscious collar. These collars buckle using a regular shiny silver buckle and have a D-ring for the leash to clasp. The leather extension for the buckle is a single thickness. There is no stitching, just securely braided leather for the buckle and leash ring. The leather is wonderfully pliable, and at only 1/2 inch wide and 3/8 inch thick, these collars won't overwhelm our small dogs.

Fuzzy Rabbit toy
Fuzzy Rabbit toy

Indulge the hunter in your TFT!

Instead of chasing rabbits in the yard, your little dog will love to chase his Rabbit Toy! The Rabbit is extra-fuzzy with great long ears to hang onto! There's a squeaker in the body and one in each ear. There are no features to pull off of this Rabbit.

Plaid Step-in Harness
Plaid Step-in Harness

Plaid Step-in Harness

Fully-adjustable, light and strong, these cute Step-in Harnesses by Daba Doo will stop all that fumbling, trying to fasten multiple clasps you can't even see! Once you have the harness adjusted for your little dog, all you have to do is open the harness flat on the floor, have the dog step over it with its front feet in the openings, grasp the two sides and close the easy parachute clasp over the dog's back! Done!



Keep that active little TFT mind (and body) busy with Click-A-Trick Cards! In only 7 to 10 easy steps, your dog will learn useful and fun behaviors. An i-Click Clicker is included with 10 laminated Click-a-Trick cards so it's easy to reward the behavior you want. The first card is a Quick-start Guide which has valuable tips for getting started with clicker training. Each of the other cards has step-by-step instructions for Clicker training a behavior.

Toy Temptations
Toy Temptations

Reward with Toy Temptations!

Each flavor of Toy Temptations treats from DogChewz NYC is healthy and delicious. Organic, natural and yummy, these treats are perfect for our little dogs! I've tried them too, and they're really good! Each tiny treat measures just one inch and is easy to break into even smaller pieces. Flavors include: Organic Carob Cheesecake, Chicken Parmesan, Pizza, Apple Cheddar, Vanilla Almond, Organic Bacon Parmesan, and Organic Wild Blueberry Parmesan.

Unstuffies Forest Friends
Unstuffies Forest Friends

Unstuffies Forest Friends

Is your little dog happiest after he's pulled the stuffing out of a plush toy - running around the house with the toy flopping in his mouth! Unstuffies Forest Friends toys are already floppy! Only the head has stuffing - legs, tails, and bodies are ready for tug-of-war games.

Toy Fox Terriers 101

Tell the world about your Toy Fox Terrier!

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      10 years ago

      I love terriers.

      Toy garage


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