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The Best Dog House For Your Pet

Updated on October 4, 2019
Bob Schroeder profile image

A good dog house is a necessity if your dog spends time outside. I have built a few for my dogs and learned much in the process.

Care For Your Dog With A Good Dog House

Taking care of your dog involves showing them proper care and attention to all of their needs and a good dog house is one of their primary needs.

Dogs are like people, they want their own space, they want a place where they can go to relax, to eat their food, and get away from it all .

Your dog will be more contented when they have their own dog house, after all, even a dog likes to feel that they have a place where no one else will go.

Dog owners also benefit from a dog having their own dog house or place to call their own. You can put them away if company comes over, get them out of the way at mealtimes and know that they are secure when you leave the house.

It doesn't matter if your dog house is large or small, an indoor dog house or an outdoor dog house, your dog will be happier and more secure with their own dog house.

Photo courtesy of US Army photographer Rick Emert

The Most Important Thing To Remember

Even though you have a dog that is reputed to be very tough and able to withstand harsh weather conditions, a good dog house will make certain that your dog stays happy and healthy.

As dogs age, they get the same problems that we humans get. Their joints begin to hurt, they can't deal with extreme weather changes and they like a little comfort in their old age.

Give them a break, give them a great dog house to live in.

Dog needs dog house
Dog needs dog house

Here's A Dog That Needs A Dog House

What Size Would He Need?

One of the first things to consider when buying or building a house for your dog, is their size. If the house is too small, your dog won't be able to stand up or turn around. Of course, a house that is too large won't make your dog feel cozy and secure.

A few rules of thumb on size of the dog house:

...a small dog up to about 20 pounds can be housed in an area about 22" long X 16" wide X 20" high. If you are doing a peak roof, the

height could go up to 24", but any higher will take away the "den" like atmosphere that small dogs like

...dogs that are up to 40 pounds will be happy in a house that is 44" long X 31" wide X 34" high. A peak can go as high as 39". Keep in mind

that a smaller dog can have a few less inches on these specifications.

...for really large dogs, the house can be up to 70" long X 48" wide X 60" high. A peak roof can be even higher if necessary.

If you are placing their food and water bowls in the dog house on a permanent basis, this must be taken into consideration when figuring dimensions. Large bowls could require an extra 12 inches in length.

If your dog is like this fella and brings his toys in the house with him, a little extra room might be in order.

When placing a dog bed in the house, make certain that it fits within the dimensions of the floor plan

Photo by US Air Force Airman Nathanael Callon

Sometimes it is easier to build a dog house - When you can see it being done

This video goes through the entire process of building a great dog house.

HERE IS A VIDEO ON BUILDING AN INSULATED DOG HOUSE - This would be good for an outside dog in cooler weather

You might want to stop the video and copy down some of the dimensions etc.

Build your own dog house

The Big Book of Small House Designs: 75 Award-Winning Plans for Your Dream House
The Big Book of Small House Designs: 75 Award-Winning Plans for Your Dream House
No matter what size your do is, you can build your pet a dog house that matches their build. I built one for my Dachshund that was longer than the standard house because she liked to really spread out and most houses weren't long enough.
Courtesy of US Army photographer PFC Thomas Duval
Courtesy of US Army photographer PFC Thomas Duval

Outdoor Dog Houses

These Can Be For Large Or Small Dogs

I can't deny the fact that some dogs, be they large or small, enjoy staying outside. If your dog fits into this category then a good, sound, well insulated dog house is the best way to protect them from weather and to improve the life style of your outdoor dog.

Outside dog houses can come in all shapes and sizes, be it a big dog house or a small dog house, and a variety of materials.

The most popular outdoor dog house is a simple wooden dog house, composed of four walls a roof and a door. It is very easy to build this wooden dog house, since it doesn't require much woodworking skill. A heavy duty plywood works well in this type of construction and a good waterproof paint will keep it dry inside and stop any warping.

Some people prefer to have a carpenter build their dog house as an exact replica of the house they live in. The choice is yours as far as cost and design are concerned.

Always keep the dogs perspective in mind, do they have enough room to get up and turn around, is it so big that the dog doesn't feel secure and cozy and is the door situated so that no drafts come in.

Cement dog houses have been widely used and have been very popular as have aluminum dog houses, but both have proven to be very uncomfortable for the dog. Cement dog houses are too cold during the winter while aluminum dog houses are extremely hot in the sunny weather, making those two options a bad choice for your dog's outdoor home.

Photo courtesy of US Army PFC Thomas Duval

In This Video You Learn About Tools - This Is Step By Step Instruction on Building a Dog House

I think I could even follow these instructions!!

Dog in dog house
Dog in dog house

Dogs really do love their dog houses

Is this comfort or what?

Sometimes, building your own dog house,is not something you want to tackle, especially when you have no skill in woodworking, or just plain don't want to spend the time.

Thankfully, there is a wide range of dog house kits available, in different sizes and different designs.

One good option is to buy a dog house kit and put it together yourself, this can save a great deal of money. You can get dog house kits, according to the size of your dog and pattern which you feel will suit your pet.

Photo by US Air Force Sgt Eric Sheler

Note to Self

Love my dog

Love my dog

Build him a great new dog house

What about inside dogs?

Same thing applies, give them their own inside dog house space

Whatever dog you have, he or she will sure appreciate having their own private space, just like us humans, dogs are territorial and always love to have a place to call their own.

A dog crate is the perfect opportunity to provide your dog with its own house and you with your own space.

If you are a dog owner but don't own a dog crate, then you are missing out! Dog crates make pet ownership much easier, and are a great way to train man's best friend. They also provide a safe haven for your dog to rest and relax, and are very useful if you travel.

So, what should you look for in a dog crate? Depending upon the crate's main use, you'll want to consider safety, size, durability, and how easy it is to clean.

To determine whether a particular dog crate is a safe choice for your particular pet, take a good look at its design. How does the front door close? Steer clear of spring-loaded doors, which can snap shut on unsuspecting paws and tails. If the dog crate is wire, make sure that the grid size is small enough so that your dog's paws can't fall through. And it goes without saying that there should be no sharp edges or exposed wires.

The size of the crate is very important. The crate should be large enough so that the dog has plenty of room, but not so large that it isn't cozy. The dog should have plenty of room to stand up and turn around, but should not be able to run from side to side. The only exception to this rule is if you are buying the crate for a puppy. In that case, you'll want a crate that your dog can grow into.

Throughout your dog's life there will definitely be situations in which he will need to be crated. To that end, getting your dog used to being crated is very important! Show your dog that his crate is a safe place by placing comfortable blankets, appealing toys, and tasty treats inside. And never, ever use your dog's crate as a means of punishment.

The goal is to get your dog to love, accept, and find comfort in his crate, and he'll never do that if he comes to associate it with negative circumstances.

While a crate can be a very important part of your dog's overall training, don't use it to isolate your pet because of bad behavior.

I have two little dogs and I keep their crates, food and water in the laundry room, that I can close off with a child's expandable gate. Whenever we leave the house or when they go to bed, they go into the laundry room. Often times, during the day, I will find them in the laundry room asleep in their crates. This is their home and they enjoy having their own space.

Dog on dog house
Dog on dog house

Don't you just love dogs?!

This guy thinks he is Snoopy

Give him the dog house he deserves.

After all-----who wouldn't want Snoopy to be comfortable?

Photo by US Air Force Airman Steve Snyder


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