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The Newfoundland Club of America

Updated on October 30, 2016
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The Newfoundland Club of America - responsible for the preservation, protection and welfare of the Newfoundland Dog in America since 1930.

The Source for Information about Newfoundland Dogs since 1930.

The Newfoundland Club of America (NCA) was founded in 1930 for the advancement of the Newfoundland Dog. The NCA and its 25 Regional Clubs actively support canine health research and provide rescue adoption assistance for Newfoundlands.

The NCA Online

The Newfoundland Club of America provides a wealth of online resources for breed fanciers, novice owners and prospective buyers.

The NCA on Facebook - social sharing about our favorite breed

Over 11,000 Newfoundland Dog supporters from around the world get information from the NCA through our Facebook Page- "Like" Us today and stay in the loop on the latest news!

How is the NCA Organized?

Regional Clubs

The NCA is the sanctioned parent breed club for the Newfoundland and is a member of the American Kennel Club. The NCA has many Regional Newfoundland clubs that create a network of support to Newfoundland dog owners. Members include breeders, owners and fanciers who are committed to protecting the Newfoundland. Regional clubs offer meetings, matches, Draft and Water Tests, NCA Regional Specialties, and educational programs.


Various educational efforts of the NCA, including the publication of Newf Tide (an award-winning quarterly magazine), cover every aspect of Newfoundland ownership. The NCA also publishes various pamphlets on the Newfoundland such as the Newf & You, a Breeder’s List, and various manuals and publications for water and draft work.

Showcase Events

National Specialties showcase the Newfoundland breed in Conformation, Obedience, and Working Abilities. Held on a yearly basis, the National travels around the country hosted by a regional club. A National has, by far, the largest entry of Newfoundland dogs, typically over 500.

Regional Specialities are smaller than a "National" and are hosted by regional clubs, normally on an annual or biennial basis.

Working events, such as Draft or Water Tests, demonstrate the Newfoundland's natural abilities as a working dog and are conducted by most regional clubs on a periodic basis.

Important Information

Find out more about the Newfoundland Club of America and how we work to preserve, protect and promote our favorite breed of dog.

Titles and Awards

The NCA offers the following titles to hard working Newfoundland Dogs

DD - Draft Dog, successful completion of a Draft Test

TDD - Team Draft Dog, successful completion of a Draft Test when a team of two or more dogs are used throughout the Draft Test

WD - Water Dog, successful completion of Junior Water Test Exercises

WRD - Water Rescue Dog, successful completion of the Senior Water Test Exercises

WRDX - Water Rescue Dog Excellent, successful completion of the Water Rescue Dog Excellent Exercises

VN - Versatile Newfoundland, for completion of an AKC conformation championship, AKC obedience title, NCA DD (Draft Dog) and NCA WRD (Water Rescue Dog)

ROM - (Register of Merit) for meeting the requirement of a specific number of AKC Championship/AKC Obedience or NCA Working titled offspring

TOD - (Health Tested Open Database) for any dog, living or dead, for which the test results for hips, elbows, cystinuria, and heart (evaluated by a board-certified cardiologist) have been posted in an openly accessible database.

TOD-D - will be awarded to any dog that meets the above criteria AND has submitted its DNA to the AKC DNA Repository.

Annual Awards may be given the following:

The Top Winning Newfoundland Dog and Bitch

The Top Producing Newfoundland Dog and Bitch

The Top Obedience Newfoundland

The Top Junior Handler

The Oldest Living Newfoundland

NCA Award for Good Sportsmanship

Isabel Kurth Award for Service to the NCA and the breed

© 2010 Newfoundland Club of America


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