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World Tallest Dog Breed

Updated on October 6, 2014

Tallest Dog in the World Pictures

Former World Tallest Dog
Former World Tallest Dog | Source

World Tallest Dog

How tall can dogs grow? This is a very common question with many new dog owners wondering how tall their newly adopted puppy can get. There are those dog owners who prefer to have the strongest dog breeds while other wants the tallest and others will insist on adopting dogs that stay small forever. The choice of a dog based on the physical characteristics is a matter of personal preference. Different dog breeds have different breed’s heights but there are certain breeds that can be categorized as tallest dog breeds.

The tallest dog breeds tend to attain unimaginable height for dogs. If you have not seen a tall dog; it might be amazing to discover some intriguing facts about the tallest dog in the world. The tallest dog in the world is not only amazing by its height but also holds the world Guinness record. This dog that is named Zeus was precede by another dog of the same breed named Giant George both are Great Dane. It helps if we can review some interesting facts about this breed before we look at the height of the tallest dog in the world.

World s Tallest Dog Picture

Tallest Dog in the World- Giant George
Tallest Dog in the World- Giant George | Source

Tallest Dogs Breeds Characteristics – Great Dane

Great Dane is one of the biggest dog breeds that currently hold the world record of the tallest dog breeds. These dogs are usually slender but very tall. Although they are tall they are rarely aggressive breeds. The height might be mistaken for ferocious dogs but they rarely feature in the top 10 aggressive dog breeds. The Great Dane dog breed was initially bred for hunting and since it is a German Mastiff it was for hunting wild boar and deer.

America Kennel Club Great Dane Description emphasizes that the breed is powerful, has dignity and has a coat with short hair. Grooming Great Dane seems to be an easy task unlike many other dogs that shed much. Great Dane seem like it does not accumulate a lot of pet dander in the house.

Tallest Dog Video YouTube

Physical Features of the Tallest Dog Breed in the World

Height of Great Dane

The physical features of Great Dane the male will not go below 30 inches in height that is equivalent to 76 cm and the female may be 2 inches less tall. When you are breeding and registering Great Dane any dog that does not attain the set minimum height by AKC the registration is denied. The measurement of the dog height is from the paw to the withers or the shoulders.

Weight of Great Dane

When it comes to weight the Great Dane may accumulate a weight of not less than 120 pounds and 100 pounds for male and female respectively for the breed to be recognized and registered.

Temperament of Great Dane

Great Dane has a very affectionate and friendly demeanor blending in well with other dogs, cats and family. The breed tends to remain aloof when approaching strangers or rather ‘shy’ but not aggressive.

Great Dane as Pet

Great Dane has now been adopted as a pet unlike the original breeding purpose that was hunting and makes a good family pet. Great Dane is a good dog for children and should be allowed to socialize with other dogs to avoid developing aggressive behavior although this is very rare. Great Dane requires enough space in the house and there is a large dog that is not ideal for apartment living. The breed also requires regular walks like the other dog breeds.

Giant George Oprah Show


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How Tall is the Tallest Dog in the World?

The tallest dog in the world is Zeus and currently measures 44 inches only 1 inch taller than the former tallest dog in the world Giant George that was 43 inches. To visualize how tall these dogs are they are approximately 1. 1 meters in height.

You probably have not seen that kind of a dog in your lifetime. Zeus is a male dog that was born on 22nd November 2008. The dog weighs 155 pounds and currently is the holder of the Guinness World Book of record for the tallest dog in the world.


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Great hub! voted up...Great danes are wonderful breeds.

    • Eiddwen profile image


      5 years ago from Wales

      Wow what an amamzing hub I loved it and have to vote up,across and share around ..

      Have a great day.



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