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They called me Miss Mischief when I was born

Updated on March 23, 2013

Meet Samantha aka Sammi!

The kennel mistress where I was born named me Miss Mischief, but my new Mummy and Daddy called me Samantha.

Mummy calls me Sammi, and I can come when she calls 'Sammi'.

I'm only tiny because I am a seven week old Mini Foxie. That's a special Australian breed of little terriers. We come in black and white, tan and white, and tri-colour. That's what I am, a tri-colour.

When I grow up I'll be about 40cm long and 30cm tall, but now I am only 20cm long, and 15cm high. Not very big, but I am full of courage! I leap off the chairs in the loungeroom to kill my toys.

My favourite toy is a pink pig (nearly as big as I am) that squeaks, but I'm gonna shake it till it doesn't give me any more lip!

I sleep in my crate at night with Penny the penguin, in a lovely tartan bed. I wake up every now and again and tell Mummy to take me to 'potty'. She thinks I'm very clever to be so good at that.

Today Mummy and Daddy bought me a puppy playpen, so I can go camping with them and not get into mischief. It looks just like the one you see here. I think they bought it so I could be kept out of mischief at home!

Life is so very hectic, and I get worn out, so I lie on Daddy's chest, where I can hear his heart beating. Off to sleep and when I wake up, I'm in my bed.

This is me alseep after a hard day's playing.

Lucky dog the biker
Lucky dog the biker

Bob (Daddy) lost his friend, Lucky, a year ago.

Mummy got him a new friend, Molly

Last week Molly had to be euthanased, sadly.

She had been very unwell since we got her from a pet rescue place, and finally the RSPCA and the family decided to end her misery.

They looked into Mini Foxies because that's what Bob had always had before as pets, and they decided to go to a kennel at Ourimbah.

Miss Mischief came from Ourimbah, NSW

just north of Sydney

Mummy and Daddy visited the Carala Kennels to see what they had.

Who did they meet?

Kim the kennel owner and Miss Mischief. My kennel mate was a tough little boy, but they liked me.

This is a great idea

They come in different sizes, and mine is going to be just right even when I'm all grown up.

MidWest Foldable Metal Dog Exercise Pen / Pet Playpen, 24"W x 30"H, 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
MidWest Foldable Metal Dog Exercise Pen / Pet Playpen, 24"W x 30"H, 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
Mummy said I world be safe in this when we went camping. I like to be in it (that's not me, you know!)

I love being in my playpen - keeps me out of Mum's way while she's working

About the Mini Foxie breed

a special tiny Australian Terrier

From Wikipedia:

The Miniature Fox Terrier is a small, fine, lightweight working terrier developed as a hunting dog and vermin router. It is known colloquially in its native Australia as the "Mini Foxie".

Read more about Mini Foxies

My favourite thing to do with my Daddy is wrestle

I'm not allowed to bite, but...

Daddy lets me when Mummy's not looking.

Don't tell her!

What does Mummy say she loves most about me?

I heard her say:

"Her perfect tiny form.

How can something be so tiny,

and all together perfect?"

Pictures of me - and my Daddy

Click thumbnail to view full-size
That's me when we got home to my new house.I love my Daddy.We're resting, not asleep!Daddy has a mobile home, this is mine!Kill it! Kill it!
That's me when we got home to my new house.
That's me when we got home to my new house.
I love my Daddy.
I love my Daddy.
We're resting, not asleep!
We're resting, not asleep!
Daddy has a mobile home, this is mine!
Daddy has a mobile home, this is mine!
Kill it! Kill it!
Kill it! Kill it!

Here I am with my friend Sophie - who comes to learn quilting from Mummy

Sammi and Sophie
Sammi and Sophie

My favorite toy - You can have one too

Jakks Pacific AKC Pig Teether Puppy Toy
Jakks Pacific AKC Pig Teether Puppy Toy
I tug, and jump, and roll, and pull and this pig keeps on keeping on!

Mummy bought me one of these today - so I didn't chew her slippers

Pup Orbee Bone Dog Toy Size: Big, Color: Pink
Pup Orbee Bone Dog Toy Size: Big, Color: Pink
Specially formulated Orbee-Tuff material makes this toy perfect for little chompers. Durable enough to withstand the teething habits of a pup, yet soft enough to be gentle on a pup's teeth. Like no other pup chew toy around, ours are minty, buoyant, recyclable and 100% guaranteed.

See my pink bone? - That's me in my playpen trying to work out what's that flashing thing?

This is a book about Mini Foxies - Toy terriers they call them sometimes

Toy Fox Terrier: America's Dog (Little Dogs Rock! II)
Toy Fox Terrier: America's Dog (Little Dogs Rock! II)
This little fellow is one of my cousins, I'm sure! He looks like my Dad.
Bob and Sammi
Bob and Sammi

Daddy (Bob) is so happy with his new little mate

He keeps telling Mummy to 'look'

Mummy says: "It was worth the wait to see the happiness Miss Mischief (Samantha) has brought to his heart.

He's happy as a pig in mud!"

Look how big I am in just a week - and how brave!

Mummy and Daddy got me a little sister - to keep me company

Sammi and Daisy having a chat
Sammi and Daisy having a chat

She is such a pest, always trying to be 'big', which is never going to happen.

I'm top dog around here!

I'll tell you more about Daisy soon


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