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Easy Ways To Toilet Train Cats

Updated on September 8, 2016
Patty Inglish, MS profile image

Ms. Inglish has 30 years experience in medicine, psychology, STEM instruction, history, and aerospace education for USAF Civil Air Patrol.


Litter Box or Toilet?

The indoor litter box is a traditional sanitary appliance for cats and kittens, next in popularity to letting the felines in and out of the house for bathroom time. Litter boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They even come with a range of interesting covers, some even resembling a house.

Materials to use in litter boxes include the standard clay-based litters as well as new substances that barely smell and need little changing. However, it may be easier, cleaner, and less work to teach your cat to use the toilet in the bathroom.

Cats can even learn to flush!

Why Eliminate Cat Litter?

During the child bearing years, there is one very good reason to get rid of litter boxes in your house is that a pregnant woman should never come into contact with cat litter. It can infect her with a parasitic condition that will harm her baby. The toxoplasmosis cysts in the litter box need a full 48 hours to become infective, but safety says to eliminate the litter altogether.

Toxoplasmosis: The disease that results from infection by the Toxoplasma gondii parasite, a protozoan.


Steps tor Toilet Training Your Cat

Start gradually moving your cat's litter box near the toilet until it is next to it. Be sure your cat is always comfortable and sure of the box location, so go slow

  • Next, begin elevating the litter box. Put something under it like a rising stack of newspapers or cardboard to inch it up day by day. Increase the height 2 inches a day, but look for signs that your cat is unhappy and back off and stop a couple of days. The litter box should be raised until it is at toilet seat level. It is vital to keep the toilet lid always open and the seat down so the cat can climb up on his own.
  • Move the litter box to rest on the actual open toilet seat several days until the cat is OK with it.

  • Buy a metal bowl or tray that will fit snugly inside the toilet bowl. Fill the bowl with cat litter and remove the litter box from the bathroom completely.
  • While your cat is using the metal bowl, look where his paws are. The goal is for him to squat with all four paws on the toilet seat rim. You can move him while he is using the toilet and praise or reward the cat. He will sit inside the metal bowl, then he will sit with his front paws on the toilet seat, and finally with all four paws on the toilet.
  • Use less and less cat litter in the bowl. Using flushable cat litter makes cleaning the bowl easier - flush and rinse, refill and replace. Put newspaper on the floor around the toilet to help keep the floor clean. Decrease the amount of cat litter until you don't use any at all.
  • Next, begin filling the bowl with water, a little more each day. If the cat stops using the bowl, you may be moving on too fast and might need to go back a step for a couple of days. Don't get discouraged.
  • When the water level in the bowl has reached 2 inches, remove the bowl entirely. Your cat should now be toilet trained. Leave the toilet seat UP and the bathroom door open at all times and flush regularly. Cats can also be taught to push the flush handle.
  • There are several cat toilet training kits available on the market if you want to buy one and follow the directions. The most important thing to remember is to go gradually and be patient.

To avoid accidents, leave the toilet seat UP and the bathroom door OPEN at all times and flush regularly.

What is your choice?

How do you prefer your cats to conduct their sanitary ablutions?

See results

A Toilet Trained Cat Has Fun With Paper

Cat Litter Safety

Animals, even our pets, can pick up diseases and a number of bacteria that can be dangerous, especially after going outside. It is not wise to allow cats or dogs to walk on counter tops after doing so.

Toxoplasmosis is an infection carried by a parasite in infected cat feces and one that pregnant women should avoid by eliminating cat litter boxes. The parasite is picked up by a cat when it eats an infected bird, rodent, or similar animal, and is transmitted to the litter box.

This disease can produce birth defects in the baby within the womb and cause severe pain in the infant.

Train your cat to use the toilet and prevent the feline from walking on counter tops, where it might spread an infection. If you use cat litter, use a small amount and change it daily.

Make sure to take your cat or kitten in to the veterinarian for regular checkups as well. VPI, the Veterinary Pet Insurance Company estimated that in 2012, the cost annually to keep a pet parasite free was only $30, compared to the cost of treatment at $180 - that's six times as expensive, not counting the expense of possible human infection.

Whichever route you choose - litter or toilet, enjoy your cat or kitten and keep it healthy!

Cat Training Materials

CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit (One Pack)
CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit (One Pack)
Several of my cat loving friends and acquaintances have used this kit to successfully train their feline friends to give up the litter box. No more litter to buy or heavy sand-laden boxes to clean. Much less trash to take out, too!

CitiKitty Success

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