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Bone Shape Toy Boxes for Dogs & Dogs Toy Chests

Updated on September 7, 2013

Bone Shaped Dog Toy Box and Toy Chests for Dogs : Storage Solutions

Here's an amazing selection of unique Dog Toy Boxes ~like the fun Dog Bone Shaped Toy Box and Dogs' Toy Chest Storage Bins for sale at low online prices.

You love your dog but those toys need storage to keep them off the floor! It only makes sense to have a place to put all those toys and doggy stuff your dog has amassed. These fancy wooden dog toy boxes, bone~shaped toy boxes for dogs and fun small dogg toy bins are the answer to your storage woes.

Have more than one dog? There's a great personalized dogs' toy box with your pooches name on it further down.

Image Credit: Fun bone shaped dog toy box is available for sale below.

Fire Hydrant Dog Toy Box Storage Bin

Budget~Friendly Toy Box for Dogs

These are absolute must~haves for storing your dog's toys or supplies! The Fisher-Price dog toy box is actually durable nylon while the other is hard plastic. Pack up the Fisher-Price toy box and pack it in the car when going on outings!

Fisher-Price Pets Fire Hydrant Storage Toy Bin for DogsAMAZON

Doggie Doolie Pet Fire Hydrant Storage Toy Bin for DogsAMAZON

Petstages Good Dog Toy Box for Dogs - Dimensions: 9.8" x 11.4" x 16.1"

Use the handy lid when you want to keep your doggie out of her toys or leave uncovered for easy access. Made of durable fabric; this toy box wipes clean. Sturdy metal frame but folds away when you want to pack the box up.

Luxury Wooden Toy Box Bin for Dogs

Made of Hardwood or Cedar! Approx. Size: 11" x 22.75" x 13"

Enjoy these high~end wooden dog toy boxes made from hardwood or cedar, and quality~crafted dovetail corners, dog paw cut-outs and amazing finishes! Cedar toy box is amazingly aromatic while the finishes shared by the others is eco-friendly and safe for your pooch. Imagine this furniture-quality piece in your favorite room. Truly a nice touch!

Dynamic Accents Wooden Dog Toy Box ~ Antique BlackAMAZON

Dynamic Accents Wooden Dog Toy Box ~ CedarAMAZON

Dynamic Accents Wooden Dog Toy Box ~ MahoganyAMAZON

Dynamic Accents Wooden Dog Toy Box ~ Artisan BronzeAMAZON

Cute Doggie Toy Box / Storage Bin - Toy Box Measures: 13" x 13" x 13"

This oh~so~cute doggie adorned storage bin is perfect for your dog's favorite small toys. Buy several and line a shelf with the bins or leave one in the open; either way, these sweet toy bins are sure to keep all those dog toys in one place.

Made from 100% polyester

Collapsible Toy Storage Cubes for Dogs

16" X 16"

You gotta love the colors of these practical, affordable, yet cute dog toy storage bins. Line 'em up or put one in each of your pooch's favorite play areas.

Top Performance Toy Storage Bin 16" Square ~ PinkAMAZON

Top Performance Toy Storage Bin 16" Square ~ PurpleAMAZON

Top Performance Toy Storage Bin 16" Square ~ BlueAMAZON

Wooden Paw Print Dog Toy Box/ Toy Chest for Dogs ~ White - Dog Toy Box Dimensions: 13-1/2" x 12-1/8" x 11-1/2"

This sweet~as~ever wooden toy box with built-in handles is ideal for storing just about anything. Line it with a trash bag and store food, use it for supply storage; the list is endless! Room on the hinged lid has space for personalization if you want to use a permanent marker to write your dog's name on it Cute dog paw print cut~out on the lid and a second (printed) paw print on front of the box adds to this toy box's whimsy.

Wooden Dog Toy Box / Toy Chest ~ Walnut - Toy Box Dimensions: 13-1/2" x 12-1/8" x 11-1/2"

Her's the Walnut version of the white wooden dog toy box. The rich hues add to your room's decor with its rich furniture~quality finish.

Bone~Shaped Dog Toy Box / Toy Chest for Dogs - Dogs' Toy Box is Available in Small & Large

How fitting is this Bone~shaped doggie toy box? Sturdy and fun, this bin features:

~Secure-fitting lid

~Compliments any décor

~Food-safe to store dry dog food

~Holds toys


Griggles Toy Box for Dogs - Diva Dog Toy Box Measures: 18"L x 18"W x 12"H

We know your pooch is a Princess and this sweet dogs' toy box will tell all your guests just how special she is!

Here's the toy box's features:

~Soft plush canvas toy box w/ popular royalty theme

~Embroidered metallic crown w/ "Princess" on front

~Lightweight & fold-able for ease in carrying and storing

Dog Toy Box / Storage Bin

12' X 12"

Too~cute! This small storage bin is ready to hold onto your dog's favorite toys. Versatile, durable and affordability here's some specs to consider:

~Magic Pop-Up frame

~Folding Space Saver

~Airflow Mesh

~Great for Toys & Accessories

Exquisite Poplar Wood Toy Chests for Dogs

These poplar wood furniture~quality toy boxes for your dog are great for holding just about anything while making a great impression in any room.

Poplar Wood Dog Toy Chest 27" x 11" x 15"AMAZON

Poplar Wood Dog Toy Chest 17" x 11" x 13"AMAZON

Real Wooden Wine Barrel Toy Box for Dogs

Made from 1" Solid Oak Recycled Wine Barrel!

Authentic Wine Barrels are fashioned into sturdy Toy Bins for Dogs! Truly unique, this doggie toy box still has the original wine barrel bands, and its lovely stained appearance is made possible by red wine! From Napa Valley. Made in the USA.

Real Wine Barrel Wooden Dog Toy BinAMAZON

Rolling Basket Toy Box for Dogs - Toy Bin Dimension:13"(L) x 17.1"(W) x 12.2"(H)

These cute pink or blue dog toy bins are stackable! Handy wheels and handles make for easy transport of these durable bins.

Whitney Works Wooden Dog Toy Box with Cute Bone - Toy Box Dimensions: 13" Tall 19" long 10.5 deep

This too~cute bone-shaped toy box for dogs holds it place in your home's decor. Plenty of room for all of your dog's toys or supplies!

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