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How to train goat; training your goat to make a pet out of it

Updated on February 21, 2015


Who says that goats cannot make a good pet? Goats can make a good pet if you put in half of the time you invest in making other pets what they are. Goats can out smart dogs if they are trained well. The only difference is that goats cannot bark like dogs.

My interest in goats began when I was still a young lad. Each time I visit my best friend then I will hear his father call him a goat. He call him a goat for so many reasons. Some of the reasons are; he was stubborn, he hardly learn things easily, he eat a lot, he messes up where he eats, etc

This continued until I became years old and took it upon myself to prove a point that even goats can outsmart dogs.

Requirements for training a goat and get a pet out of it

Just like every other endeavour of life, training of goats to make a pet out of it has its own requirements. You don’t need to have a PhD in zoology or animal science in order to be equipped to train a goat and get a pet out of it. Below are the basic requirements.

Requirements and Steps


Time and patience: Goats by nature are slow learners but, once they learn, it tends to stick to their brain for a very long time. That is why you need to be patient with goats. Training of goat to make a pet out of it requires you to have some spare time to invest into repeatedly teaching and demonstrating one thing for a long period of time. I sometime spend thirty minutes a day over a period of one week just to make my goat (pet) grab a sign alongside with the sound representing that sign.

Ability to make use of your brain: you need to make use of your brain in a creative manner. There are times you will run out of idea on what to do and you simply use your brain to come up with something unique. Your brain should tell you that you must find a way of making a goat understand why you take whatever disciplinary action you are taking against her.

You need to be loving and caring. Even human beings will behave like wild goats if not properly cared for. Take a baby of some days old and lock him/her up with goats for some years and see that there will be no difference in their behaviour.

Caring for your goat will make that goat feel comfortable with you which is the most needed environment to properly train your goat. You don’t hit your goat all the time and expect to have a friendly and understanding goat.

Feed your goat with feed that is close to what we human beings eat just like we do to our other pets. I have come to believe that grasses tend to have a side effect on the functionality of the brain of goats (just my observation) that is why buy food and milk of high quality to feed my goats.

Love is a universal language that is understood even by goats. We spend money and time buying Halloween costume for our dog and not doing same for our goats, yet we expect to make them behave like dogs. To make a pet out of goats, you must buy gifts for her.

Take your goat along with you and imbibe the culture of socialization in her.

You need to have a good communication skill. Your ability to communicate what you want to say through any means will go a long way in training your goat. You must not learn an official sign language for you to be able to communicate with goats. What ever sign you make the goat to understand associates with a sound is what the goat will take it to be.

Remember to name your goat. This is in fact the most crucial part of training your goat. Learn to look the goat into the eyes while communicating with her.

You need to believe in what you are doing and be focused. Nothing will ever succeed if we loose focus and hope in it. At least, that is a fundamental factor for every success. You have to believe that there is hope in what you are doing.

Please note that all these tips will apply only when you take the young goat off the mother before the goat reaches the fifth day.

Can you now see how easy it is to train a goat? Or do you think is difficult? Ok! Before I forget, don’t forget to show your goat some love by buying some of the Amazon products you can see on the right hand side of this page.


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      Mara 6 years ago

      how train a goat to use litter at home like a rabbit?