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Training Your Cat Specific Skills

Updated on September 9, 2015

Is it possible to teach your cat some of the skills or specific directions? Some people say the dog's ability to learn and follow instructions or perform certain tricks are evidence that dogs are more intelligent than cats. Others say cats are actually more intelligent than dogs because they do not want to act stupid by jumping and overthrowing their body when asked. Intelligence is made up of many things and what humans perceive as intelligence cannot be applied to animals. What is important is that you need to understand that cats and dogs have different approach as to how they connect and communicate with humans. Dogs have been built to be a part of a family structure, which is to undertake a specific task. Their survival depends on the family or herd.

Cats come from different places, they are hunters in true nature that do not require the team to survive. If you say that cats are not loyal, that is because the owners never treated them well. In general, it is true, you can't teach a cat tricks or train it but that does not mean they are dumb; they are actually independent. While dogs should be kept by humans, cats choose whether or not to live with humans.

Because of these differences, you can not expect your cat do something that he does not want to do. You may want to give him reward for doing something. For example, if you want to train your cat some skills, the reward is usually food, but some cats would prefer a nice pat or a cat toy. Teach your cat the relationship between words, like 'sit' and then followed by praises or rewards.

Simple Instruction

Some experts recommend that we teach our cat a basic command like 'sit' when they're hungry. Do this in a room that is safe and quiet. Make your cat stand by touching its tail and holding the food at a slightly higher position than its head. Mention his name and give the command 'sit'. Gradually, move the food between his ears but not too low until he could reach it. Do this repeatedly until he finally sits, and if he does that, let him have the food and give him praises. Make it a point to do this routinely until your cat understands the instruction. Be patient. Before you know it, your cat will be able to understand simple instructions.

Sounds crazy? I got this tip from an expert cat trainer that showed me a demo where he trained up to 30 types of skills, including the loop jump, climb stairs and roll over. But actually I have never managed to train my cat to sit. Good luck.


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