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Wedding Tuxedos for Dogs

Updated on September 7, 2013

Dogs in Weddings: Tuxedos for Your Bestie

Dressing your dog in a tuxedo like those I've included here will add to your wedding day's pomp and circumstance.

It's your big day and having those you love can include your four-legged, dressed-to-the-nines, smoochie~pooch. Yes, I'm referring to your beloved dog ~ and why not? We surround ourselves with loved ones during those important milestones in our lives; to me it's simply very natural to include a very astute dog. And whose dog isn't the smartest ever?

Including your dog in your wedding ceremony is a tribute to how much you love your canine pal. Dressing your dog in formal attire and having him walk down the aisle with you and your groom or bride will put your wedding in every guest's conversation for years to come. Not to mention the wedding photos of you and your dog dressed in his tuxedo (insert your own visual, here). See? I thought you'd love the idea!

Scroll down for a peek at really budget~friendly tuxedos for dogs you'll love for your wedding ceremony and some too~cute wedding videos if you're not convinced dogs make the ideal 'isle besties.'

Photo credit: Dog wedding tuxedo shown on this cutie Bulldog is available below.

Dogs in Weddings: Why?

Small Size Dog Tux with Top Hat

Initially, I've wondered why couples include their dogs in one of the most significant days in their lives ~ even in church ceremonies. But as I perused the Internet, I became more acquainted and comfortable with the notion that dogs make great wedding party participants.

I've had my share of tired ~ even cranky ~ children in weddings where their presence was tolerated to put things mildly. I'm not suggesting you hand the child a pink slip and opt for your pooch instead, rather I'm saying dogs can be trained to perform well at the alter, besides, they're really photogenic.

Look at the mug on this guy!

Small Sized Tuxedo for Dogs with Top Hat

XX-SMALL - Top Dog Tuxedo - Dog Costume

X-SMALL - Top Dog Tuxedo - Dog Costume

X-SMALL - Top Dog Tuxedo - Dog Costume

Small Top Dog Tuxedo with Top Hat Dog Wedding Costume

Small Top Dog Tuxedo with Top Hat Dog Wedding Costume

Small Top Dog Tuxedo with Dog Wedding Costume

Scooter's Friends Tailored Dog Tuxedo, Size Small, Black
Scooter's Friends Tailored Dog Tuxedo, Size Small, Black

I've always been partial to big dogs ~ the bigger the better. That is until my neighbor adopted the teeniest little prince of a dog and I was head over heels in love.

Small breed dogs will literally fit in anywhere and walking them down the aisle isn't imposing in the least, not to mention all the "Aaawas" from guests he'll receive. I was skeptical that there would be a lot of tux styles small enough for toy and small dogs with all the adornment necessary to complete the formal look. A you see, there's a good many to choose from.

These small tuxedos are adorable, aren't they? I'm loving the one featured here on the left. It's a but pricier than the others I've shown but the attention to detail is apparent.

Dog tuxedos can work for other occasions after the wedding as well. Halloween, parties and romps in the posh side of town would be so much fun.

Nothing like a pampered pooch on foot at the nearest 'Park Avenue' in your town.

How do you like this little guy's Pug mug on the left? He's quite the gent, indeed!


Formal Medium Tuxedo Dog Wedding Costume

Formal Medium Tuxedo Dog Wedding Costume

Formal Medium Tuxedo Dog Wedding Costume

Dog Tuxedo, Frenchie Mini Couture (Small)
Dog Tuxedo, Frenchie Mini Couture (Small)

I just had to include the dog tux t-shirt. It would have been perfect for my informal wedding where we were married on the beach. A bit like a playful spin-off on the original tux idea. All the 'elements' are there without much fuss..

But if you're style is formal, these jacket dog tuxes will work as an asset to your wedding party (I seeing wedding album from here).

The tux on Mr. Puglette above is available in several sizes, so there's a tux for all your dogs. i like the idea that you won't need to invest too much money on your poochie; he'll look great for a lot less than you probably thought.

Weddings can be expensive, so these tuxes are a welcome relief.


Dogs at the Wedding Reception

Tuxes for Small ~ Extra Large Dogs

Thinking back on my remark that dogs are photogenic . . . well, this guy could use a bit more help in that department. . ..

Dogs can be amazing at the wedding, bearing rings and charming attendants and guests alike but a little forethought is in order for the reception. I'm thinking dancing, alcohol and food. Therein lies the problem; they don't mix well with our pooches.

Toy and small dogs especially can be badly injured at receptions where heels and paws aren't a good thing. Larger dogs might eat off the table, bump into children and tip things over.

And that's just for starters.

It's best to arrange a sitter or a friend who can run your dog home just after the wedding. You'll be able to relax and enjoy your evening. Don't worry that your pampered baby will miss out. You can always show him pictures later on.

Play it safe.

Formal Small to X~Large Tuxedo Dog Wedding Costume

Funny to Heartwarming - Dogs Delivering a Token of Love

There's more tuxes below for large and extra large dogs but I wanted to share these poignant videos with you; some are funny and some will touch you to tears. Make your day a little brighter and then see the other tuxes. You'll be glad you did. Dogs have a gift for making our day.

I love this big guy. Sometimes dogs can be better at weddings than frightened or tired little ones.

This best fried would have looked so much better dressed to the nines. Don't you think? He's darling, though.

Too funny! You'll have to see this pup perform well in delivering the rings when the Best Man 'forgets' the rings.

I love this proposal!! No, not a wedding but these groom~to~bes have a special delivery for their girlfriends. Guys, takes notes! You have to see this one. LOVE the tiny dog tux in the second proposal.

Large & X~Large Tuxedo with Dog Wedding Costume

Large & X~Large Tuxedo with Dog Wedding Costume

Large & XXX~Large Tuxedo with Dog Wedding Costume

Lovely Wedding With Adorable Ring Bearer

You're not alone in wanting you beloved dog to deliver you rings. This video is of a dog ring bearer--excellent job!

How Big is Your 'Mutt~tramonial' Friend?

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Have you ever been to a wedding where the couple's dog was included?

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      Nancy Tate Hellams 5 years ago from Pendleton, SC

      Our Bruno would look so handsome in one of these tux