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Vet-approved dental chews for large dogs and small dogs

Updated on January 10, 2015

C.E.T. HEXtra Premium Oral Hygene Chews with Chlorhexidine help dogs and their teeth

My dogs love these dental chews and I'm glad because my vet suggested them as a way to keep dental costs down. I've been buying C.E.T. HEXtra Premium Oral Hygene Chews with Chlorhexidine for more than five years and my dogs absolutely love them. Because I have dogs that range in size from 4 pounds to 130 poundes, I buy them in all sizes from the petite to the extra-large.

C.E.T. dental chews are great nightly treats

My big dogs run to their crates every night and are happy to get settled because they know their dental chews are the nightly treats. They love the chews that much. I'm happy to give them the chews because I seriously want lower dog dental bills, so it makes for a happy marriage.

Even dogs suffer from periodontal disease

If you've been to the vet, then you know periodontal disease is a big issue in dogs with more than 80% of dogs showing signs of the disease by the time the dogs are three years old. Just as with humans, dental problems can open up the gates to other health issues, so it's a good thing to do what you can to prevent plaque and tartar build-up. I've added a few more products below that offer more ways to practice preventative dog dental care.

These dog chews do more than dental work. They provide stimulation and help release pent-up energy with the nonstop chewing. That's always a good thing around here. When the dogs drool and stare at the dental chew storage area when it's bedtime, you know you have a winner.

Say Good Night with Dental Chewies

These dental chews are great bedtime snacks. Sam, my giant Great Pyrenees, loves to walk to his crate every night for his Good Night kiss and his bedtime chewie. Highly recommend these.

Why Vets Recommend C.E.T. Dog Chews

What is it about C.E.T. HEXtra Premium Oral Hygiene Chews that make them such a good dental product and chew for dogs and why are vets recommending them so much? Watch the short video review with Dr. Kris Kane below as she shares why she gives her dogs the C.E.T. dog chews.

MORE products to help you provide excellent dental care for your dog(s).

Check out the products below that I use to help maintain proper dental care for my dogs. The minute my dogs smell the Breathbuster treats, they start drooling. 


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    • girlgamers profile image

      girlgamers 3 years ago from Texas

      These chews smell to high heaven, but the pups love them! My vet gives them as good dog treats, waiting room time wasters, or just something to teach new clients that the vet isn't all bad. They're great!!!