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Veterinary Books for Pet Owners

Updated on May 6, 2022

The Illustrated Veterinary Guide Book

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Everything You Need to Know for Pet Care

Not every kid grows up having a pet of their own. Aside from the occasional garter snake, ponies my father cared for and a short-time ownership of a kitten or duck, I didn't really know much about animals.

It wasn't until after I was married that I came to learn more about pets, and that was due to husband’s love for the four legged creatures. He was the one who introduced me to veterinary care and the importance of having good how-to books in taking precaution when it comes to their needs. So adding this type of reading material to our home library just made sense.

Throughout the years there have been many times a situation has arisen where we have needed to know what was going on with one of our pets, or what to do for them concerning a certain condition they were experiencing. All too often these things occurred in the evening or on a weekend when our vet wasn’t readily available.

Having this veterinary guide has helped us figure out some of these things. Of course it is no replacement for good veterinary care, but in a pinch this book is invaluable.

About the Book

Dr. Pinney’s handbook covers general health information that is written in layman’s terms, as well as easy to understand explanations of serious health problems, diseases and the types of treatment available. It tells you the things that you can do at home and tells you when you need to get to the vet.

This veterinary guide has a first aid section that explains, in a unique step by step method, what you need to do in various emergency situations. From CPR, shock, deep wounds and allergic reactions this book covers dozens of conditions that could occur in your pet. Another aspect that is great about this book is it includes sections for selecting a pet, training, exercise routines, grooming and diet.

We have quite a few veterinary books in our library, but this is always the first one my husband looks for when one of our animals is in need of medical attention.

In this book we have been able to find good information on dealing with a dog with diabetes mellitus and more recently a cat with kidney failure.

The illustrations in this book are very clear. Quite often they are showing you the procedure that is being explained.

To sum this all up, The Illustrated Veterinary Guide for Dogs, Cats, Birds & Exotic Pets, by Chris C. Pinney, DVM, is a book loaded with information for the pet owner and care-giver. It is a book that we wouldn’t want to be without, and feel that every pet lover out there should have a copy handy for those “just in case” moments of pet ownership.

The Illustrated Veterinary Guide Book

The Illustrated Veterinary Guide
The Illustrated Veterinary Guide
Just about anything you can think of is covered in this comprehensive book. Over 900 pages! We refer to it quite often and have been pleased with the answers to our questions.

What the Book Covers

Part 1: Deals with Dogs & Part 2: Deals with Cats

Chapters include:

Choosing the Right Dog/Cat

Training your Dog/Cat

Preventative Health Care

Breeding Your Dog/Cat

Elective Surgeries

Infectious Diseases

Parasitic Diseases

Immune System

Cardiovascular and Hemolymphatic Systems

Respiratory System

The Digestive System

The Urinary System

The Reproductive System

Skin and Haircoat

They Eyes and Ears

The Musculoskeletal System

The Nervous System

The Endocrine System

Part 3: Deals with Birds

Chapters include:

Choosing the Right Bird

Avian Anatomy and Physiology

Preventive Health Care

Avian Reproduction

Avian Diseases and Disorders

General Treatment of Sick Birds

Part 4: Deals with Exotic Pets

Chapters include:


Guinea Pigs

Hamsters and Gerbils

Mice and Rats


Prairie Dogs



Miniature Pot-Bellied Pigs




Tropical Fish

Part 5: Other Pet Topics

Chapters include:

Holistic Pet Care

Reducing Pet Costs

Zoonotic Diseases


First Aid and CPR

Helpful Veterinary Books

Good resource tools for the home on pet care.

Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats
Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats
I love this book that a friend of mine gave to us. It gave good advice on medical treatment as well as maintaining good overall health for your pet naturally.

Poll: Do you think it is good to have vet books on hand at home?

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