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Vizsla Dog Breed Facts and Information

Updated on April 19, 2011


Vizslas are a type of Pointer that belongs to the Gundog family. Vizslas or Hungarian Pointers are believed to have been around from as long ago as the ancient times. There's recorded evidence that suggests that Vizslas perhaps first came about during the 10'th Century. For over a millennium now these Hungarian Pointers have been used for their hunting capabilities, and for hundreds of years Vizslas have been Gundogs used out in the open fields of Europe.

The Hungarian Pointers are a light redheaded dog breed that obviously stands out from the crowd when placed in a group of dogs. Vizslas have short, dense, sleek coats that have a bit of a shiny finish to them. A pro to Vizslas is that they require very little grooming. Keep in consideration that this semi rare dog breed does not handle cold weather very well at all. Generally a quick daily brush up will suffice just fine for these Pointers. This rare dog breed has eyes that range in color variations of lighter hazels, lighter browns, blues, and greens.

Vizslas have deep chests that connect to considerably thin waists. Hungarian Pointers have virtually no body fat and fair amounts of subtle muscle. These canines have long sturdy elegant necks and beautifully well defined lean shaped heads. Hungarian Pointers have angular muzzles and furrows down their foreheads. Vizslas have broad, semi thick square shaped snouts. Hungarian Pointers carry large floppy ears that are high set on their heads. Generally, this dog breed has docked tails. The Vizsla has a fairly similar appearance the Weimaraner, but the coat is just a different color.

The life expectancy of Vizslas is between about 12 and a half to 13 and a half years. Hungarian Pointers like many purebred dogs are prone to hereditary health issues like Canine Hip Dysplasia. When compared to other purebred dogs, these Gundogs are less prone to hereditary health issues.

This medium large sized dog breed tends to range from withers of 21 to 24 and a half inches tall. The Vizsla has a healthy weight between 50 to 68 pounds. Male Vizslas are more times than not slightly larger than female Vizslas.

 Vizslas are highly intelligent dogs that are easy to train, but Hungarian Pointers can often times have somewhat stubborn personalities, so Vizsla puppies need firm training from a fairly young age. These canines are incredibly loving and make great companions and friends especially to those who lead active lifestyles, since Vizslas need lots of exercise so that they stay both physically and mentally healthy. Thanks to these Gundogs outstanding personalities, the Vizsla is an awesome choice as a family pet.

Personally, this is definitely a type of dog that I would highly recommend to many people searching for the right type dog and puppy to bring into their homes. The only problem though that really comes into play is that it’s hard to find good Vizsla breeders. Once you do find some good Vizsla breeders, for those who decide to go with Hungarian Pointers, pick between Vizsla puppies that obviously look very healthy and whom have decent family health records. Vizsla puppies may come higher prices, but for those who often add them as a new family member would tell you that it’s well worth the extra money for Vizsla Puppies.



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    • profile image

      mel 5 years ago

      I got my 1st vizsla 6 ago, I have been a trainer over 30 yrs, this is the smartest most remarkable dog I have ever worked with! Passed his 1st obedience test at 13 wks all hand signals!

    • profile image

      Adolf Hitler 5 years ago

      Im a German

    • adriatk profile image

      adriatk 6 years ago from USA

      Vizslas are literally the nicest dogs I have encountered. Plus, their expressive faces are so cute!

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 6 years ago from Wales

      I can remember many years ago my sister had one of these and she was beautiful.

      However when my sister's work kept her away for many long hours she was adopted by a couple who had time for her.

      Thank you for sharing this one also.

      Take care