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wild life the tiger

Updated on October 12, 2011

Tiger are known as ferocious animal. But do they kill any animal that comes their way?

Specialists say that they do not. A tiger kills to eat and it kills swiftly. It can kill a deer in two to three minutes, a buffalo in five minutes .it always charges from the side or the rear. With quick leap, it topples the victim instantly and breaks its neck. The victim dons not have the slightest warming of the tiger’s approach. As the paws are cushioned, a big tiger can walk through the driest leaves without causing a signal crackle. The Indian hunter Sher jung once was sitting in a jungle.

His senses were alert for the slightest sound. Suddenly, he looked sideways; saw a tiger only 6 to 7 metres away. It was licking its forepaws. Jung heard nothing. Tigers are nocturnal animals. They sleep by day. They start hunting an hour or two before dusk and rove up to 24 to 32 kilometers per night. An adult tiger devours 20 to 30 kilograms of meat at a signal meal. Wild pigs, deer and antelopes make up it favorite food. It also eats any kind of meat, including reptiles, birds and fish. Specialists say that tigers are stronger than lions. Jim Corbett, a well- known hunter, once followed a tiger as it dragged a big cow through dense undergrowth, over rocks and fallen trees and then up a steep hillside for three kilometers.

The tiger’s jaws are so strong that it can crush a human skull like an eggshell. Many hunters say that normally tigers stay away from man. If you happen to come face to face with a tiger, what do you want? There is a story that a forest ranger was cycling round a bend on a track in a wood when he almost collided with a tigress. She snarled and growled. But ranger remembered what to do in such a situation. “Never panic; stare the beast down”.

He did just that and the tigress went away, grumbling. The normal life span of a tiger is 20 years. But about half of the cubs never reach maturity. They are killed by hyenas, wild dogs, crocodiles and diseases. Cubs are as playful as kittens. They tumble and grapple and play hide and seek. They show affection for their mother. They grow fast, and with the help of their mothers, learn how to kill. By the age of two, they become fully independent predators.

Outside the zoo, the tiger is in danger. One of the greatest dangers is loss of their habitat or living place. Man has cut down forests where tigers used to live another danger is trafficking tiger akin and heads. Fifty years ago there were 1000,000 tigers in the wild. Today there are not more than 50000 left. Fortunately, some people are trying to do something about it. In 1961 the world wildlife fund was founded to save animals from extinction. In 1972 the fund launched a campaign to save tigers that remain.

Tiger reserves have been created in some countries of the world.


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