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How wolves evolved into dogs

Updated on September 19, 2015

Domestication of the dog

Although we've known dogs as man's best friend, this was not always the case. Wolves were dogs ancestors over 30,000 years ago and as man conquered the hearts of these ferocious predators we became connected. In human history during 30,000 B.C paleolithic era, we were in the hunter and gatherer times and as hunters, we humans would go throughout the land looking for pray to kill in order to bring back these precious food resources to our families. Many encounters with wolves were experienced due to the fact we both hunted the same animals. We fought each other as packs of wolves and tribes of hunters battled it out to dominate the land.

Rivalry between hunters and wolves

Wolves are wild beasts with animal instincts, even now during modern times if they think your going to take food from them, some dogs will try and bite you. This was the main conflict between hunters and wolves since both sides were very territorial, we frequently crossed paths and battled it out. Although we look at other species as lesser than us, they too get hungry and so it's only logical that we would feud throughout the ages for wanting the same thing. During one point in time we finally learned to cooperate and learned to trust each other. There could have been many ways we both teamed up, one way could be that we shared our bounty with them and another would be that somehow we managed to get a hold of wolf puppies and raised them as part of the tribe. There are many answers to the same question but what we do know for certain is that our bond has become a tradition.

The rivalry that transformed into friendship

As a former rivalry transcended into something beautiful we learned to adapt to each other, we became a more efficient hunting party and worked as a team to hunt together. We no longer fought with each other, on contraire we both put work in and shared the same bounty. As time passed we remained together and kept the same unbreakable bond we do today. Animal history science has proven that gray wolves were the main ancestors of all dogs, meaning they are the ones who we created a best friend truce with all those years ago. Even though these species of wolves now cease to exist, the human induced wolf evolution that we now know as dogs, still remain by our side today.

Still valuing our bond

As time goes by we have kept in each others lives, it seems as we will never grow apart. As wolves accompanied humans throughout many, many years they started to evolve rather quickly and became more tamed. Even though their outer apperance looks much different then their ancestors, they're still the same from the inside. Until this day they still maintain the title as man's best friend. That loyalty we hold for each other was because of the bond we've kept strong for millenniums and that's why when our dogs die or even vice-versa, when the owner passes away, we feel an empty void in our hearts that nothing or no one else can replace.

Eternal friendship

Companionship has become our never ending tradition, there has never been such a miraculous bond between any existing living creatures on earth. It comes to show that even though at one point we were once savages, we were able to become civilized and with kindheartedness, demonstrated the ability to truly feel a sense of love for one another time and again. Such a deep and meaningful history we've aquired should teach us that we as people should never take a dog for granted as they have helped us so much throughout the past. We should care for them if we ever decide to bring a dog into our lives.

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