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See the World's Ugliest Dog Contest Winner - YODA

Updated on July 17, 2014

Meet Yoda, One Tiny Ugliest Dog Contest Winner

He's cute. He's small. He's a dog. Yes, I'm afraid he's ugly. He's the 2011 crowned champion of the World's Ugliest Dog Contest and his name is, of course, Yoda.

You can't miss him. He's tiny and he's got a head full of wispy tufts of hair. You can't help but love his skinny little legs. Yoda, like many "ugly dogs" is a Chinese-crested Chihuahua mix. According to many standards he's truly ugly but for many of us he's so ugly he's cute.

World's Ugliest Dog 2013 Winner - Walle the Beagle wins!

Plush sweet Beagle will steal your heart - Celebrate the 2013 Ugly Dog Contest Winner - Walle the Beagle

Melissa & Doug Giant Beagle -  Lifelike Stuffed Animal Dog
Melissa & Doug Giant Beagle - Lifelike Stuffed Animal Dog

Okay, so he'll never make it to the Ugliest Dog in the World contest, but this plush dog will make it into your heart and that of the hearts of the young.


2011 World's Ugliest Dog Winner - YODA

2011 World's Ugliest Dog Winner - YODA
2011 World's Ugliest Dog Winner - YODA

More about Yoda - The Tiny Ugly Dog

A tiny rat-like dog is rescued from an abandoned apartment

Yoda, at 98 dog years, is nearly my mom's age. Okay, he's 14 years according to our way but in the dog's world Yoda is one little old man. Yoda was found abandoned in an apartment and looked like a little rat. Actually, Yoda is a Chinese Crested Chihuahua mix and weighs in at only two--2--pounds. That is one tiny little ragamuffin.

Yoda's time of abandonment is long past. His owner/companion is Terry Schumacher and both hail from Hanord, California. In addition to eh accolades, the crown, the sash and other doggie goodies, Yoda and Terry received a check for $1,000.00 for their efforts. But you know it won't stop there. Yoda is already a You Tube sensation and it's only just begun.

Ugly or Beautiful? You Decide.

Are the ugly dog contestants truly ugly or are they beautiful?

Yoda is World's Ugliest Dog! - Major News in the dog world

World's Ugliest Dog Contest
World's Ugliest Dog Contest

What is the World's Ugliest Dog Contest?

Things to do with your dog

The World's Ugliest Dog contest has been operating for 23 years. Dogs come in all sizes, all breeds--pure and mixed, and with all manner of attributes. Most prevalent are the long tongued, one-eyed, buck toothed type. Many look like they leaped out of the latest special effects horror film. But they didn't. They are real and they are, truly, adorable, in their own unique ways.

Do they have talent? No. Unless you consider how long a tongue drapes out of a mouth. Do they "do" anything. Not really. They just exist. And for doing that, they make the world a better place because so many people find them beautiful and celebrate their uniqueness each and every year.

Thousands of dog owners and their dogs along with crowds of the curious stream into the Northern California fairgrounds to see this annual display of canine beauty. The Chinese-crested crew seems to generally steal the show but there are plenty of breeds, large and small, ready to sport their ugliness with great pride.

Want to see them live? Plan to attend the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, California next year. All dogs are welcome--and their owners, too.

Tiny Yoda Wins Big Dog Contest

Before Yoda: Ugliest Dog in the World Champion was Elwood - This Chinese Crested dog has one long tongue

Yoda is a great dog rescue story. When he was born, his breeder thought there was something drastically wrong and was about to put him to sleep when he was rescued. Who knew he would grow up to be a world champion? But that's what happened.

Learn about Chinese Crested dogs - Some call them ugly but others go ga-ga over them

Chinese Crested: A Comprehensive Guide to Owning and Caring for Your Dog (Comprehensive Owner's Guide)
Chinese Crested: A Comprehensive Guide to Owning and Caring for Your Dog (Comprehensive Owner's Guide)

These dogs are gaining in popularity. Why? Learn about them and find out about this exotic dog breed. You'll love it.


Even Ugly Dogs Can Use a Few Dental Chews

I don't know about Yoda, but MY six dogs love these dental chews. My big Great Pyrenees, Waco, has one every night. If I don't give it to him, he stands at his bedroom door and stares until I offer it up. My vet is the one who got us all hooked on these. They come in all sizes and that is good because my dogs range in size from 4lbs to 130lbs.

  • Image Credits: Photos of Yoda sourced from Online Mail's article By PAMELA OWEN, 25th June 2011 via Online Mail

Tel me what you really think about Ugly Dogs and Ugly Dog Contests. - I love hearing from my readers

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    • profile image

      TanoCalvenoa 5 years ago

      I'd think a truly ugly dog would have awful matted fur, would be uncared for.

    • profile image

      einsteinmoomjy 5 years ago

      Yoda belongs on a t-shirt! So cute!

    • profile image

      SteveKaye 5 years ago

      I saw a dog this morning that looked like it had been put together by a committee. It still had a good attitude, putting its best nose forward. Arf.

    • SMW1962 LM profile image

      SMW1962 LM 5 years ago

      I love that dog!

    • profile image

      David_Carthage 6 years ago

      No, that really is one fugly dog. But like someone else said, give him some cheap chihuahua clothes and he'd look adorable, especially if they were pink, to match his owner's nails!

    • profile image

      JoshK47 6 years ago

      Definitely a candidate in the "so ugly it's cute" category.

    • pimbels lm profile image

      pimbels lm 6 years ago

      There are no ugly dogs, all of them are beautiful in there own way. They only look different.

      Bice lens, Vikk.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      So ugly it's cute, that's all I can say! :)