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Is A Yorkie Dog The Best Choice For You And Your Family?

Updated on January 24, 2008

Yorkies - A Truly Beautiful Dog

Will A Yorkie Dog Fit In With You And Your Household?

So you or a family member is wondering whether a Yorkie dog is the right choice? It's a great question to ask and one that requires some careful consideration.

Yorkshire Terrier's don’t suit every family of course and this is important to understand..

Let’s continue on that theme now and look at some further consideration to help you decide if the Yorkie dog is suitable for your and your family..

I am sure you will this article most helpful as well as interesting.


Yorkies have the natural instincts of a Terrier, so need to be taught to socialize with other dogs, animals and people as soon as possible. They can be trained to accept and get along with cats, birds, rabbits and other animals. A Yorkie dog may sometimes be aggressive towards other dogs, so proper socialization is required.

Yorkies love to please, so work best for praise and rewards of attention from their owners. They can become stubborn to train if they feel that they are dominant, so they do require consistent training and expectations. A Yorkie dog can sometimes become snappy or aggressive towards other people if not trained properly.

As with all of the small breeds of dogs, housetraining can be a problem if crate training is not used for Yorkies. Small breeds are able to quickly duck under a couch or behind a piece of furniture and it is harder to catch them showing signs of needing to go outside. Crate training largely eliminates this issue, but paper training is also effective for the the Yorkshire Terrier.

Buying Yorkies from reputable Yorkshire Terrier breeders goes a long way in helping ensure you buy a Yorkie dog that grows into a healthy well mannered dog.


If you are looking for a rough and tumble high energy level dog the Yorkie is not for you.

A Yorkie enjoys a moderate amount of exercise, but is an idea dog for in an apartment as their small size makes it possible for them to exercise in the house. They love going on walks and investigating new territories, as well as playing and running, but do not enjoy excessive amounts of either of these activities. The Yorkie is a terrier, so has natural tendencies to track and chase, so it is important to keep them on a leash or inside a fenced enclose to prevent them from running off.

Separation anxiety and barking

Provided that attention is provided to a Yorkshire Terrier, neither separation anxiety nor excessive barking is usually a concern. If, however, they are left alone for long periods of time they may resort to barking or chewing. Once these habits have been formed it is harder to break them, so it is important to provide a consistent routine for your Yorkshire Terrier.

You must start you socialization with your Yorkshire Terrier as soon as possible.

Often Yorkie dogs that bark excessively have either been incorrectly trained, or are stressed or overexcited. Re-training can be very effective in controlling these behaviors, and may require the help of a professional trainer.

Again I will mention that buying from a good Yorkie breeder will nearly always help you have less problems from day one with your Yorkie dog as long as you follow some general training tips.

Children and Pets

Yorkies generally get along very well with children and other pets, provided they are socialized together. Children need to be aware of the small size of Yorkie dogs, and be conscious of any potential injuries to incorrectly picking up the dogs or having them jump up or down.

Yorkie dogs are not too possessive of toys or food, and generally this is not a concern. Yorkies may, just like every other dog, snap if teased or threatened. Small children may not understand this and should always be supervised around dogs.

That's just a snippet of information to help you decide if a Yorkshire Terrier is right for your family.

There are several other factors that need to be considered and these will be covered in a later Yorkshire Terrier article for you.

It is suggested you do your research well as it will pay off in the future for you.

For more information on the please visit the Yorkie Dog web site.

Check Out This Crazy Yorkie!


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