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Zena and Tinkerbell, Yes they are part of the family!

Updated on February 25, 2014

My animals!

Now that the children are all grown and out on their own, all I have left is the animals. And in my last lens I dedicated to the dog we just lost in November. I absolutely adore them. They have some of the cutest looks. As if they were acknowledging that we are talking to them. And when you walk by you would swear they were really listening to us too.

How comical they can be has been so amazing to me. When they tilt their head as if they were listening to every word you say. Or like Tinkerbell she meow at every word I say to her and then she makes her reply with meows and purrs.

Pet Supplies - Pet treats

We love to spoil our animals! So give them something they like.

My stress relievers.

How we met?

May 12, 2009 I had back surgery and no one at home to talk with after my mother left and went home. Well mom was here for six weeks to help me out after my surgery, And one of the things we would do as therapy is go to the humane shelter and visit the animals. We had been going there every weekend since my surgery. I saw this beautiful white fluffy kitty and was thinking well maybe that one I could take home, and we went home, and I thought about it for the entire week. The next weekend we went back for some more "FUR THERAPY" and I was sadden when I was informed that the white kitty had to be put down.

So back to the little room where there were several rows of cages. I was kinda out of it with all the medication I had to take, and then my mom taps my shoulder. "Cathy," she says, "look up and over, The cat is trying to reach out to you." I looked up and there was my Tinker bell. Funny thing is I had a screen saver on my phone that had a picture of the Disney character "Tinker Bell". Hmm, was it meant to be?

We tell the lady that we want to see this cat. My mom gave the lady the information about the cat, while I sat in the room with "Tinkerbell" she rubbed on my leg and jumped in my lap and got very comfortable and curled up, then she started to purr. That was the last time she ever had to stay there. I brought her home, made her a place to sleep on my bed with me. She followed me every where I went and sometimes she would walk with my neighbors to the store and walk home with them too.

In the middle of September I met Zena. Had no idea at the time that she would be part of my family. January 2010 we all became a family. Zena would come over and play with Tinkerbell, and they would chase each other around. And the two of them had become good buddies to one another.

I appreciate all comments. And I thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts.

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