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My art designs on iPhone and iPad Cases

Updated on December 28, 2010

iPad and iPhone cases on Zazzle!

This article is my outlet for my excitement over a new opportunity for my artwork. These iPhone and iPad cases are all hard shell cases with an easy to grip fabric backing that will protect your favourite gadgets while turning them into a work of art.

The iPhone cases are made for iPhone 3G/3 Gs and iPhone 4. Both the iPhone cases and iPad cases allow for access to all ports, controls and sensors. Likewise they are both raised for extra screen protection.

Zazzle ships within 24 hours and guarantees satisfaction with a full refund if you do not like the final product for any reason. 

I have yet to have a return for any of my designs and all the reports I get from friends and family who turn customer is that the shipping is very impressive. They just love that the items are produced as close to them as possible for cheeper shipping and faster delivery. 

I just love these speck cases and am having a hoot designing for them at Zazzle.

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My art on iPhone and iPad cases for sale!

I am so excited that as of today I can use my own art for designs on iPhone and iPad cases. My designed works will be on sale for the public to buy from my online store KirstenStar. Please feel free to drop everything you are doing to come check out my stuff! Hehe, just kidding (or am I?).

I'v been wanting to design iPhone and iPad cases for some time now, I almost signed up with yet another web site to be able to but never managed to find the time. I just love that with a little patience things sometimes just work out just fine.

I have spent most of the day updating my online store to get all of my favourite designs on the iPhone and iPad cases. My eyes are going bleary and my back stiff but I think I have a good range for people to choose from now.

I have begun to collect a range of fractal hearts created with the fractal program apophysis and think that they compliment many of the abstract fractals. I do also design other styles of art, but I do have a tendency to go for the abstract and colourful. I love great detail in my art.

I have yet to truly tackle the range of photo's I have that can be used for iPad and iPhone cases but I do hope that a good range look nice on these new skins.

I would love to invite you to check out my artwork as I am always eager for any sort of feedback. Check out my custom designed speck cases here to veiw to whole range. I will post my favorites here as a slide show so if you need proof that I am a half way decent artist then you got it! :P

Any comments or suggestions are warmly welcomed so please feel free to use the comment box below to praise my brilliant designs (ha ha). 


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