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10 Tips When Learning How To Knit

Updated on January 30, 2009

 My top ten tips for learning how to knit.

1. Buy the book Knitting for Dummies or join a knitting group. I did both and I'm still learning.

2. Find and follow an easy pattern. One that is Knit, Purl. Once you have those down, you can move onto more complicated patterns.

3. Yarn usually comes with a pattern on the inside of the label. Use the needles thay suggest.

4. Bamboo needles (my opinion) are the best. Stiches do not slip off.

5. As a beginner, buy more yarn than you think you'll need.

6. Buy the yarn for your pattern. If it calls for more that one skein, make sure the dye lots match. Dye lots are printed on each label.

7. Understand that you will get part way through something and pull it all out when you make a mistake. We all do that. I have seen my instructor do that and she can make anything.

8. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is the hat I am currently working on. See #7

9. Double pointed needles are necessary for socks. Don't let working with 4 needles scare you.

10. It is expensive to buy all the needles and stitch holders and stitch markers at one time. Buy what your pattern calls for. Make sure you are getting the best that you can afford. Eventually, you'll have everything you need and some pretty nifty scarves, hats, sweaters and socks. I'm aiming for fingerless gloves.


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