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10 Simple Ways to Spur your Inner Creative Genius

Updated on August 9, 2016

Creativity is King!

One of the biggest hurdles people face in life is the acute lack of creativity. Creativity is not a word but defines a way of life. Enhancing one's creative process one has to indulge into his masterpiece and create something out of nothing. But there are ways you can turn the creative genius on even in the most bizarre circumstances making you limitless (like Bradley cooper) in the process.


Draw something even if it's kids like

Pick up those old oil pastels and color pencils to make your own masterpiece. Experiment with different shades and watch your mental genius nibble on the visual stimulation of the bright colors. It may be that you are an inborn artist but hadn't realized up to this moment. Maybe you feel like Leonardo da vinci when he first picked up his utensils or maybe you just come up with an awful sketch of a house. But one thing is for sure that you will find yourself learning from the mistakes you make while trying to reach leonardo's level or even higher because the sky was never the limit. Even if you have never tried drawing, coloring or painting in your entire life don't worry because nowadays we have the internet at our backs all the time.Search for the ways you can improve and pile up the desk with masterpieces.


Try a new class or take online courses

Creativity flourishes if we push ourselves from our limits and out of the comfort zone. If you are a math whiz try a philosophy course,if you prefer the arts jump into the sciences. Try to understand what is the lecturer trying to say and maintain a unwavering focus. Try pottery,painting, or woodworking. How about learning a new language, learning to play chess, tuning up a new instrument, or a cooking class?


Imagine yourself in different situations

What would you do if a nine headed fire breathing dragon chased you, or you have to give a through presentation to the editorial board about dreams?? There can be many hypothetical situations you can indulge yourself in but it requires a bit of getting used to. Once you learnt the art of improvising or rehearsing things in mind either fictional or realistic, your creative learning would grow exponentially baffling everyone including your own self. What if you were a fish , a dog or even a sparrow?

Try video animation and editing

Video editing tools are all around the internet. Try Adobe creative suite or after effects. Learn to use 3d animation software such as Maya. There are millions of techniques to discover and pick the ones that intrigue and excite you the most. Happy editing


Carry a camera with you

Loved photography back then? Never picked up that camera for a while? Try seeing the world from a different perspective and capture the nature's beauty in the most earnest ways. Pick up a SLR Camera to enhance your picture taking experience.


Try Randomness

Mix the Un mixable and try to take those random thoughts and jot down until they make up a firm idea. Appreciate the randomness of the Real world and invest yourself to understand the fine strands of reality by reason and interpretation. Let others guide you through the process while you delve upon the novelty and absurdity of your inner world.

Give music and Binaural beats a try

Music is a great way to nuture and spur loads of ideas but don't stop there. Binaural beats are scientifically proven to improve creativity and concentration by activating certain regions of brain and making certain brain waves to enhance your worktime. Keep a headphone around when you feel overwhelmed and dive in the magical world of auditory learning.


Collaborate with people of similar interests

Have you ever wondered about being more socially active. Well now is the high time. Take that age old advice and collaborate with other people. Maybe you stumble upon a new idea or a gem which would have went undiscovered if you hadn't set up that party or hadn't collaborated


Benefits of Working out

Exercise has always been hailed as a wonder drug of all health problems.. A small jog around the park or a hitting the gym on weekends may not hurt. There are always studies coming out over the immense benefits of exercise on the brain and overall cognition.


Final Thoughts: The Future is Bright

Creativity is a muscle the more you work it out the better it yields. Try different engaging activities to enhance brain power and your creative genius. Keep the cycle turning until you reach the destination, and keep the music rolling till the dawn.


© 2016 Abdullah Ashraf


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    • AbsorbArt profile image

      AbsorbArt 14 months ago from United States

      Collaborating with others who have similar interest makes a lot sense. Its easy to be inspired by others!