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101 Uses For Crochet Hooks! (Still In Construction As I Continue Writing Up The List.)

Updated on November 1, 2014
SheilaSchnauzies profile image

SheilaSchnauzies is a Miniature Schnauzer rescuer, writer, crochet designer, gardener, crafter, wife, mom & friend living in Omaha, NE.

Crochet Hooks Can Do A Lot More Than Just Work With Yarn!

You Need Crochet Hooks Even If You Don't Crochet!

"Why?" you are probably asking. Because they do just about everything! A crochet hook is the perfect tool to unclog your Keurig coffee maker and get it happily purring again. A crochet hook is one of the few tools that will remove a nasty hair clog from your bathroom sink drain, too. It can loosen a too-tight knot on a shoelace in a jiffy. It can even... be used to crochet with!

Now, you have to understand that being a crocheter for over 40 years, I have crochet hooks here of every size and description. Sometimes you need different sizes for different purposes. But the most handy size, and the one I'm recommending you pick up for your tool kit, is a size 6 in stainless steel. It's practically indestructible in that size, but small enough to do the daintiest of tasks.

Pick one up today - you'll never be sorry! Why? Because a crochet hook is a lot cheaper than a plumber, or a bottle of Drano for that matter!

Just A Few Uses For A Handy Crochet Hook...

Have a snag in a sweater? With your right hand, stick the crochet hook through from the inside to the outside of garment just a "frog-hair" away from the snagged thread. Swing the hook around the pulled thread, and while holding the free end of the thread snug with your left hand. pull it through to the inside of garment. Fixed!

A crochet hook is the best tool ever to pull hair out of a clogged bathroom sink or shower drain! (ICK) Just be sure you don't drop it down the drain!

If I were a bit more ambitious, I could probably have made this lens 1,001 uses... because there probably are! But that's a project for another lifetime! That little unassuming metal crochet hook in your drawer can do everything from pulling the hair out of your shower drain (yuck!!) to cleaning the exit needle on your Keurig coffee maker!

Over the years I have accidentally discovered a jillion tasks that I solved by grabbing one of my hooks. Of course, being a crochet designer I have a lot of different hook sizes on hand! I would recommend three sizes for you to keep in your tool drawer that should serve most of your needs -a steel hook size 7, a steel hook size 10, and an aluminum hook in size F.

For those of you who don't have hooks on hand, I'll provide you with links to purchase them at the lowest cost right here!

And hey... you might just get inspired to learn how to crochet in the process!

Crochet Hook Painting SheilaSchnauzies Available On Printed Fun Items At My CafePress Store below!

101 Uses For Crochet Hooks! - You might want to print this for later...

Here are my top 101 uses. I'm sure you'll think of more!

  1. Use as a tool moving around tint rocks and plants in my Zen container garden.
  2. Repair pulls and snags in sweaters! Don't throw that sweater out. Just insert a small crochet hook from the wrong side as near the snag as possible. Grab the stray thread and pull it through to the underside.
  3. Scrape dirt out of tiny crevices. Put a cloth or paper towel over the crevice to protect it, then press on the crevice with your hook.
  4. Pulling objects through holes
  5. (Sterilized in boiling water first,) removing stubborn food stuck in teeth. Hey - the dentist uses steel instruments! Just be careful.
  6. Removing hair clogs from sink or shower drains. Just be sure you don't drop the hook down the drain!
  7. Doing very fine gardening tasks such as cross-pollinating plants.
  8. Removing nail polish messes from cuticles. Apply polish remover to cotton, put the cotton over end of hook and work into the tiny spaces around the cuticle.
  9. Test a cake for doneness. (Wash crochet hook in hot soapy water first)
  10. With a size H or larger hook, clean your dog's paws down in the crevices. Soak a cotton pad in either warm water or something gentle like witch hazel (you'll need several). With the crochet hook, gently work the cotton down into the crevices between the pads of the paw. Dirt and tiny stones get stuck in there all the time.
  11. In the same vein, clean your dog's outer ears (just as far as you can see - no further!) using a witch hazel or alcohol soaked cotton pad.
  12. When thinning seedlings in starter trays out for transplant, use a crochet hook (size 5-7 steel would be good, or an aluminum C-F) as a tiny shovel to dig around between and under the seedling. Then depending on the type of seedling, you may be able to lift it out of the dirt with your hook and move to its new location without ever touching it with your hands.
  13. If you happen to be using one of those pull-through-the holes plastic caps to highlight your hair, you can use a crochet hook to pull through consistently sized locks of hair. You can control the size by changing the hook size if you want bolder highlights in a certain area.
  14. Pull shoestrings through lace holes using a smaller size metal hook that will really hook into the shoelace.
  15. I'm constantly using a tiny metal hook when i untangle gold or silver chains. If I can work a size 11 hook into the knot, that knot is history! I also use the hook as an object to hold knots open while I go and work on other knots.
  16. Remove tiny rocks from those tiny creases on the bottom of your sneakers or shoes.
  17. Poke holes through fabric so you can easily crochet an edging into the fabric. Or, you may have other reasons to poke holes in fabric! Either way please be careful - it's a great way to stab yourself in the thigh if you aren't paying attention! (Don't ask how I know that...)
  18. Seamstresses, put a crochet hook through the end of an elastic to thread it through a casing.
  19. Vacuum Cleaners: pulling up the strings that get wrapped around the brushes so you can snip them off! Makes one task way less annoying!

How To Unclog Your Keurig Coffeemaker Easily With A Crochet Hook

In the Keurig manual, it gives you instructions on unclogging the exit needle with a paper clip. Refer to your manual, or go to and get the manual in PDF form there. I used a size 10 crochet hook to unclog mine and it worked perfectly. Hey, I don't own a paper clip!!

Save Some For Your Crocheting!

You may want to pick up a couple extra hooks for your crocheting. Using them for other purposes will eventually put tiny nicks and snags in them.

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    • Lady Lorelei profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 5 years ago from Canada

      I am sure that there really are 101 uses for crochet hooks. The certainly come in handy for more than just crochet. I love mine.