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12 Free Crochet Patterns for Bags, Totes and Cozies

Updated on August 4, 2012
The heart in the center of the Granny Valentine Crochet Bag that I made using a free crochet pattern.
The heart in the center of the Granny Valentine Crochet Bag that I made using a free crochet pattern.

I love to crochet. I crochet garments and home décor items, blankets and accessories and even art that doesn’t have any other purpose than self-expression. But one thing that I’ve been focusing on a lot lately with crochet is making gift bags, tote bags and cozies. If you’re interested in doing the same, here are 12 free crochet patterns available online for bags that I adore.

1. Big Easy Red Bag. Just like the name says, this is a large red tote bag that is easy to make. It is worked in the round but it’s done entirely in single crochet so as long as you know that one stitch and how to work in the round you’re going to find this bag simple to make. The repetitive pattern does get a bit boring at times but that makes it a great project for commutes, working while watching TV, etc. And in the end you have a great durable bag to carry your stuff.

2. Bobble Wrap Laptop Sleeve. I am a huge fan of the bobble stitch in crochet. It’s a highly textured stitch that makes a creative design that I adore. That’s the primary stitch used to make this laptop sleeve. Not only does it look good but it helps to keep your laptop safe and clean.

3. Caron’s Simply Soft Crochet Gift Bags. This great pattern is actually for a set of three bags in small medium and large. The directions differ a little bit for each one but the end result on each is a lovely wavy pattern. You can make them in the same colors or make them in complementary colors as shown in the pattern. This is one of my favorite free crochet patterns!

4. Chevron Bag. I love the chevron pattern in general because it’s a great pattern. What’s great about this bag is that the majority of the bag is made in one solid color so you don’t have to change yarn frequently but there is a nice pop of color in a few of the rows. The bag is a purse with a shoulder strap that is definitely cute!

5. Christmas Crochet Tote. This just might be the most adorable crochet bag I’ve ever seen. It’s a white bag decorated with a string of colored Christmas lights. It has an exterior pocket and a shoulder strap. Adorable!

6. Crocheted Drawstring Bag. The pattern for this crocheted bag asks that you use rug yarn. The result is a highly durable bag that you can actually use to carry lots of different stuff. The pattern is done in turquoise with yellow highlights, a color combination that I really like although of course you could always adapt it to one you like even better.

7. Crocheted Swirling Bag. This is probably one of the most unique designs that I’ve included on this list of free crochet patterns for bags. First of all, it includes a lot of colorwork. Usually I choose solid designs but I really love the different colors on this one. Second, it uses a variety of different shapes to create a lovely visual swirl that I really adore. It’s another durable, useful drawstring bag.

8. CrochetSpot’s Easy Wine Bottle Cover. I think that wine bottle cozies are a terrific crochet project. First of all, they don’t use a lot of yarn so they are both affordable and quick to make. Second, you can easily toss a bottle of wine in one and you’ve got a great last minute gift that looks really special, like you put more effort into it than you really did. This particular wine bottle crochet pattern is one that’s easy to do, as it tells you right in the name! It does involve changing colors as you go along but you’re only working with two different colors so it’s not difficult. The result is a nice two-color piece that securely holds a wine bottle and looks great.

9. DIY Network’s Wine Bottle Cozy. This is another great pattern for a crochet wine bottle cover that provides a nice alternative to the last one that I listed here. It is a fairly simple crochet design. However, it incorporates a little bit of beadwork. This adds some terrific embellishment that’s great on a small item like this. Plus it gives you a chance to practice beading with your crochet. It’s a win-win.

10.FutureGirlCraft’s Starling Handbag. If you are looking for a crochet bag pattern that is designed to be more fashionable and stylish than the average bag out there then this free-for-download pattern is a great choice. The design is fairly simple but the result is a classic, elegant handbag that you can really be proud to carry around with you.

11.Granny’s Valentine Bag. This crochet bag is made up of four separate pieces that you seam together at the end. The majority of the patterns that I have included here are not done in separate pieces like this but instead are worked in the round with seamless construction. Sometimes something a little bit different is nice, though, and that’s the case here. You work two different squares, one that is a traditional granny square and one that has a great heart design worked in the center. Then you work a granny circle for the base of the bag and a strap to complete it.

12.Heart Purse. If you are looking for a simple little project that goes beyond a basic circle or square then this crochet pattern for a little heart-shaped purse is a good choice. I think it’s a fun one!


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  • poetryman6969 profile image

    poetryman6969 2 years ago

    A lot of interesting idea here.

  • profile image

    PWalker281 5 years ago

    This is a really nice collection of handbags and cozies. I went cozy-crazy this past Christmas - they are cool gifts to crochet. I particularly like the Bobble Laptop Cozy and the Starling Handbag. I'm sure I'll be trying both soon.

    Rated up, useful and interesting.

  • htodd profile image

    htodd 6 years ago from United States

    This is really nice post ..Great info..