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9 of the Cutest Kids Crocheted Hat

Updated on October 31, 2015

Whether you're looking for a new and super cute hat to crochet for your children or children in your community, or you're just looking to buy one of the cutest, you've come to the right hub! Below you'll find 9 of some of the cutest crochet hats and patterns available online. That should be more than enough to keep your life full of kids crocheted hats for months!


Olaf Hat (Snowman from Frozen)

This adorable Olaf hat will be the perfect gift for your little girl or boy who loves the latest Disney classic - Frozen. With a couple of skeins of white, grey and blue, you can have this handy winter hat whipped up in no time.

Bonus - This crochet pattern is free if you purchase two other patterns from the crafter.


Rusty Old Truck Hat

If you have little ones who love the Cars movies, then they're going to absolutely love this crocheted rusty old truck hat. You and any parents of other lucky kids who get one of these hats, is going to love them too, as they are as cute as they warm! It's got all the right features, with big adorable eyes and goofy front teeth. It almost pops out at you just like the animated cars and trucks in the movies, and doubles as a warm winter hat complete with ear flaps.


Christmas Pixie Hat

This super easy crochet pattern is fantastic if you're looking to quickly crochet a few holiday themed hats for the young and old alike. With a little red and a little white, you'll have yourself a Christmas delight for anyone who wants to keep warm and be festive.

Friendly warning though, you'll have to give up your email to All Free Holiday Crafts, if you want to get to this free pattern.


Grumpy Cat Hat

OMG! Who does not love Grumpy Cat? His unusual scowl has taken the internet by storm, and can now be seen on all sorts of shirts and accessories. It's not as often though, that you'll find a handmade crocheted Grumpy Cat, and even fewer times you'll find his grimace on a crocheted hat.

This is definitely one of those hats that many of the adult children in your family circle would love to have, so you'll want to make a few extra big versions of this hat for your kids parents and older siblings.


Minion Hat

If you've got a Minion lover in your family, then you'll want to capitalize on this absolutely cute crochet Minion hat. I'd suggest this as a great present for the beginning of the school year, so that you're youngin can head into class with the most stylish hat.

Bonus: Once you've learned how to handle patterns like this one, it's super easy to customize your next few, with one eye or three, or different facial expressions, so that each minion hat is as unique as the movie characters.

Just don't forget to have the kids shout out "Banana!" as they pose for a picture in their new hats!


Lorax Hat

"I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees!"

If you don't have a little one in your life with a love for Dr. Suess characters, than you need to bring such wonderful things, like the Lorax and his story, into your child's life. A great place to start is with this adorable Lorax hat and the corresponding book. Heck, why not get the movie too!


Eeyore Hat

This Eeyore hat would be a great compliment to any Pooh bear collection and is super easy to make.


Newborn Cowboy Hat

This newborn cowboy (or cowgirl!) hat is so cute I just can't stand it. If you're looking for a great hat for a photoshoot of your precious new little one, this hat takes the cake!


Baby Turban Hat

This hat reminds me of some of the 20's turban style hats that became quite chic in that era. Why not bring back some of that flare with these absolutely cute turban style crocheted hats for babies.


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