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13 Free Crochet Patterns to Make Bags, Totes and Laptop Sleeves

Updated on August 4, 2012
My version of the crochet sachet bag.
My version of the crochet sachet bag.

One of my favorite things to make with yarn and a hook is a crochet bag. In fact, I’ve already compiled a list of 12 free crochet bag patterns here on HubPages. But there are so many great free patterns online to help you make these products that I just couldn’t stop with that first list of twelve. Here are thirteen more great crochet patterns that I think you might like if, like me, you enjoy making crochet bags, cozies and laptop sleeves.

1. Kids’ Rainbow Treasure Bag. This is one of those great types of crochet patterns that looks a lot more complicated than it is. That means that you can easily work this crochet design and yet it will look like you put a lot more time and care into it than it really required. It makes a really great gift bag for that reason!!

2. Laptop Cardigan Sleeve. This is a really unique free crochet pattern because it is not so much a pattern as a guide or tutorial. What’s great about that is that it provides you with all of the information that you need in order to be able to make a laptop sleeve and yet it leaves a lot of room for you to make your own design choices and explore your own crochet creativity as you work. Those are the types of patterns that I like!

3. Little Acorn Bag. I can’t tell you how absolutely I adorable I find this little crochet bag to be! As the name suggests, it looks like a little acorn. The base of the acorn is the bag that holds the items that you want it to contain. It is topped off by a cute acorn cap that keeps your items secure in the bag. It can be embellished with ribbons and beads for a great finished look. I would not only give one of these crochet bags as a gift but would be happy to receive one from someone else!

4. Phazelia’s Laptop Case. Do you like colorful patterns that allow you to join different motifs together? If you do then you’ll love this free crochet pattern for a laptop sleeve. It’s made up of terrifically colorful hexagons that are secured together to make a sturdy cover for your laptop.

5. Pretty E-Reader Case. This e-reader case could be adapted into another size for a laptop or an iphone or whatever else you wanted to use it for. It’s a pretty design worked in two colors using a Chevron inspired pattern. It uses button closures that give you the opportunity to use great buttons that share your sense of style and add your own personal touch to the crochet work. Lovely.

6. Reusable Crochet Gift Bag. This is a really easy crochet bag pattern that is nice and simple to work up. It’s done in a solid color and worked in the round using double crochet stitches. The only twist is that you use some spacing at the top to create a handle, which is actually surprisingly easy to do and makes the bag look nicely professional. It says that you can use it as a wine bag cozy but the dimensions are a bit bigger than that so it has versatile use.

7. Ruffled Bag. This fashionable handbag has a great sense of feminine style that is totally in line with what is hot in the stores right now. The look is classic enough, however, to last a long time and work for a variety of different people. It has a great ruffled crochet design and uses a cool purse handle to finish off the look.

8. Sweet Soap or Sachet Bags. These are great little crochet bags that you can fill with potpourri or a bar of nicely scented soap. They make a really terrific Christmas present because they are sweet and thoughtful and yet they require very little time to work up. I love the design and think this is a great free crochet pattern!

9. That Pouch Thing. This is a crochet pattern for a fairly simple drawstring closure bag. However, it has some interesting colorwork that is not hard to do but keeps the style of the bag looking interesting. I like the effect of the stripe down the middle here in particular. This one is a Ravelry download so you have to be a member (which is free) but there’s no cost to download the pattern.

10.ValliesKids Get Your Granny on Bag. I love the creative things that people do with the classic granny square and this bag is no exception to that love. It combines granny squares in a shape that creates a bag with a shoulder strap. It’s easy to put together but looks unique and stylish and you could easily adapt the design with your own favorite granny square styles.

11.Vintage Style Drawstring Bag. This is a crochet pattern that uses thread instead of yarn to create a vintage look. It is a great pattern for people who like making doilies, vintage designs and other thread crochet items. It has a great shell pattern that is fun to work and also looks good.

12.Whimsical Castle Bag. This is one of my favorite ever crochet designs. Like the Little Acorn bag, which you’ll find at the top of this post, this bag is made up of a base and a top. Here, though, the final product looks like a castle. How fun! Great for kids but totally adaptable for a cheeky fun adult too!

13.Wine Bottle Gift Bag. I always love a good crochet wine bag because it makes for a great gift that is more special than just showing up with a bottle of wine alone. Here’s a simple free crochet pattern for a great wine bottle bag.


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    Geralyn 3 years ago

    What a plareuse to find someone who thinks through the issues

  • RTalloni profile image

    RTalloni 6 years ago from the short journey

    So looking forward to taking a closer look at some of these! Thanks for posting their links!