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15 Minute Bracelets Anyone Can Make

Updated on August 6, 2008

Making bracelets can be fun and rewarding. They can add to your collection or make fantastic gifts for family and friends. However, in a day and age when time is always an issue it is great to have a craft that can be done quickly. Making bracelets can be one of those crafts!

You have several options for make quick and speedy bracelets that can look great too!

Single Strand Bracelets

Single strand bracelets are quick and easy and can make a number of different looks that are wonderful. Simple and beautiful you have a lot of choices but can whip them out quick and easy.

  1. Cut a length of nylon coated beading wire that is about four inches longer then the desired length of the piece.

  2. Choose your beads and your clasp. (The project will work out faster if you use a bead board to lay everything out).

  3. Fold over the end with about 1.5" on one side and the length of your bracelet on the other.

  4. Add your clasp to this fold. Then string a crimp bead on both strands.

  5. Push tight against your clasp and crimp it.

  6. String your beads in a pattern you like.

  7. Finish it by adding a crimp bead and the other half of your clasp.
  8. Fold the wire over and run it back through the crimp bead and a few beads.
  9. Pull everything tight and crimp the crimp bead.
  10. Trim your wires and add a dot of glue to each crimp bead for added security.

There you have it. One fast and easy bracelet. The different beads you choose will give this peice different looks and can be used for all sorts of styles. A similar thing can be done with thread. You should wax the thread and use a bead cover to cover your knot (make the knot around a bead). Then string your beads add a bead cover, and a seed bead. Make your final knot, add glue, and trim everything. Finish by adding your clasp.

Stretch Cord

You can make quick and easy bracelets in a similar manner with stretch cord as well. Cut your streatch cord 6-8 inches longer then you need it. This will make sure that it is easy to tie off when you are done (other wise you might spend twice as long trying to tie it off then you would stringing it. Tie a bead on the end to make it easy to hold your beads on. Then string your beads. When you are done, cut the stopper bead off. Press your beads to the middle of the string so you have lots of room to tie it. Run your streatch cord through the last bead and make two knots on each side of that bead. Add glue to it to make sure it stays put. Let dry and trim your stretch cord. Now you have a great easy to make stretch bracelet.

Memory Wire

Another quick and easy bracelet design is a wrap bracelet with memory wire. You can make these very quick and easy, depending on the number of coils you have.

  1. Cut your coils, one or more depending on how much wrap you want. You will need some strong wire cutters for this (the pair in the tool box will work better then the pair in your crafters kit). Be careful not to poke yourself (it can hurt and bleed).

  2. Using your pliers fold over then end. This can sometimes be a little difficult, but if you fold it part way over and then squeeze it close it will work best.

  3. Bead till the whole thing is full of beads. You can use beads of all types including seed beads, e-beads, gemstones (including chips), glass beads, and even acrylic beads. A mix can make for a great looking bracelet.

  4. Fold over the other end. This time you need to be careful not to catch any of your beads. You may have to remove a bead or two for the easiest fold.

There you have it. Easy, and it can be beautiful! You can also finish it with memory wire tips or half drilled beads. They are glued into place and will hold your beads on for you.

Wire Cuff

Quick and easy wire cuff bracelets can be made with a wire cuff form which can be purchased. Then you simply wrap wire around it and bead the wire as you go. It can be very quick and simple and you can do a wide range of options for a wide variety of looks.


Here are some speed tips for quick and easy projects.

  1. Keep everything organized so it is easy to find the items that you need to make each piece.

  2. Use a bead board to lay out your project so that you only have to string the beads and you don't have to worry about designing it or changing your designs.

  3. Practice. Often practice will make you faster and faster like nothing else will.

  4. Use larger beads. Seed beads often take a lot of time to string. However, larger beads can be done quickly and easily.

  5. Keep distractions to a minimum. Lots of distractions can eat the time that you have for beading.

Creating fun and easy bracelets can make quick and easy gifts as well as great pieces for you to wear. You can do it whenever you get a few minutes for a great piece. You can do it whether a new beader or someone with more experience. Just remember to have fun!


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  • oceansnsunsets profile image


    7 years ago from The Midwest, USA

    I love making bracelets, and when I made the memory wire once I did, we put a charm on the end of it. It was an idea my friend had, and it looks so cute. Thanks for the hub on making bracelets.

  • 2uesday profile image


    7 years ago

    Nice page, these ideas are ideal for making for gifts.

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    I really like your hub. i like your making bracelets speedy tips. I appreciate your value. your method is easy and fast. So I shall try to make them.

  • abinavis profile image


    9 years ago from Bat Island

    Another good tips for beginner. It seems it is easy to do. I would see my daughter can follow this. Thanks for writing for this excellent hub. Great job.

  • beadydani profile image


    9 years ago from London, England

    Very nice tutorials. This is really useful for beginners. Good tips too, and yes practice does make perfect, takes me back to when I first started out over two years ago.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • aidenofthetower profile imageAUTHOR


    9 years ago


    There are a few places you can usually find it. Hobby Lobby and Michael's Craft Supply Store usually carry a couple of options (though there are more options available then just what they carry). The other option is to purchase it online, in which case Fire Mountain Gems is my favorite place to get all sorts of supplies.

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    Where abouts can you buy memory wire? Where do you buy it?


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