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3 Things You Can Paint, With Craft Paints

Updated on September 4, 2017
Terrielynn1 profile image

Terrie is a creative person who loves DIY on a budget and updating her farm house. She enjoys sharing creative tips, tricks, and knowledge.

It's an amazing way to spend the day.

  • Make it what you want.
  • Relax, and have fun.
  • Get creative
  • Use bright colors
  • Add glaze for more interest
  • Get the girls together for a paint night
  • Or get the kids involved and give them a project.

The beauty of using craft paints is you can always change it. There are only happy accidents. You just wipe it out and start again. Fresh wood will need to have a conditioner or primer first. Now let's get our paint on.

Candle sticks used in a display with other decor
Candle sticks used in a display with other decor
Freshly painted candle sticks
Freshly painted candle sticks

#1 Candle Sticks, Paint With The Kids or The Girls

These candlesticks were originally parts of an old rocking chair. First, they were made, into wooden candlesticks. Then a new generation of our family got ahold of them and painted them black to match her bedroom.

To paint the candlesticks, you need the items below:

  • Wooden candle sticks
  • Sandpaper, fine grit
  • Clean cloth
  • Black craft paint, flat or gloss or color of your choice.
  • Small flat paintbrush & paper plate for paint.
  • Clear coat protector, spray or brush on.

Start by lightly sanding the candlesticks. Then give them a wipe with the cloth. Squirt a generous amount of your paint color on the plate and load your brush. Paint on in an even coat. Picking up more paint as you need it. Once it's, completely covered then, let dry for at least one hr. Apply a second coat, let dry again. At this point, you can leave it a solid color and apply the clear coat. If you want to add a design, paint a pattern on before the finish coat. Once, you are done place it where you want it. The best part of painting them yourself is you can paint them any way you want. The first picture shows you how they are, displayed in my home. Now get your supplies and let's paint. You can also make it a ladies night and invite the girls over and paint the night away.

If you would like to add more, detail to these candlesticks, paint the grooves in another Color. You can make it simple or add a contrasting bright color that stands out. Or paint and outline of something you like, ex: white daisies or roses.

Redone Candle Sticks

Candle stick now have a new look and a new purpose. (Jade green sparkle)
Candle stick now have a new look and a new purpose. (Jade green sparkle)

Don't Forget

When using a spray clear coat,

make sure the area is well ventilated.

Or take the candle sticks outside to spray them.

Do You Paint?

Do You Use Craft Paint For Decor?

See results

Bird House Before and After

Finished base coat
Finished base coat
Finished and hanging outside
Finished and hanging outside
Finished the back
Finished the back

Stencilled Bird House

Side view of bird house with stencil painting
Side view of bird house with stencil painting
Front view of birdhouse with stencil painting
Front view of birdhouse with stencil painting

#2 Painting The Bird Houses

You will need these items:

  1. Paint pallet or paper plate
  2. Use a paper place mat or newspaper. For your work area.
  3. Four different brushes, small round, med round, small flat, med flat,
  4. 2-3 colors for the base coat and 4 to 5 colors for the picture.
  5. Paper towel & a cup of water
  6. A wooden bird house, they are found at craft supply stores.
  7. A mushroom bird or bird of your choice. ( also found at the craft store)
  8. Stencil if you don't draw free hand.


To begin painting this bird house, start by putting the base colors on the paper plate. Set placemat where yu will be working. Then load your brush and start with the lower area of the birdhouse. Craft paint dries quickly so even out the brush strokes as you go. Rinse and wipe your brush off as you change colors. To make it the same color as you see here, use plant green, eggplant, purple, and robins egg, blue. If you can't find those colors, then choose something close in color. Use your medium flat brush for the base coat. Once you complete both the sides and roof, Let dry for 1 hour. Now the fun part starts. Use a picture for reference. You can add whatever you want. If you aren't sure about drawing free hand then painting. You can use a stencil instead. Paint as little or as .much as you like. I chose flowers and vines, use your small and medium round brushes this time. The tip of your brush handle works great for making the dots on flowers. Press the handle tip in the paint and dot on the spots where you want the centers for the flowers. When you have completed your design allow the bird house to dry

If you are using it outside, use the clear coat spray. I don't use it when the birdhouse is only decorative and used indoors. When your bird house is complete, add a bird, butterfly or ladybug. The choice is yours. I used a mushroom bird, medium size. They come in a wide variety of color, shapes, and sizes.

The second set of photos is the bird house painted with a stencil. It was base painted like the first one. Then you trace the paint stencils on and paint it in. Use more than one color to add some dimension. Once the birdhouse had dried, it is slightly sanded off for a weathered look. No clear coat was applied. Then the exterior would continue to weather naturally, outside.

If You Don't Draw

If you don't draw

Use a stencil instead

Trace it onto the birdhouse

Then paint it in

Jewellery Box Before and After

Old wood jewellery box
Old wood jewellery box
Revived and renewed
Revived and renewed

#3 Jewellery Box

After sanding the entire jewelry box, wipe it down with the cloth. If you don't want to sand, then buy a primer for Acrylic paint. Then use the black and pink, paint and apply with the medium flat brush.

We only did the main color coat for the jewelry box. Pull out all drawers and stand on the edge to paint. To make it the same as this one, use the pink, color. Tape off the frosted glass after cleaning. Paint the entire box black. We used a flat black. If you want a contrast, then pick a dark color that stands out against the color you chose for the drawers. To take it a step further, you can add a stencil, freehand a pattern or use stickers. My granddaughter wanted this jewelry box in solid colors. The cool thing about painting items yourself is you can make them be anything you want. After writing this article, I am going to add more detail to some of my treasures.

If you want the paint on the handles, to last longer, then use a metal paint. Like most teenagers, she will be changing her decor again soon. The craft paint is easy to remove and repaint. For extra style, you can line the drawers with contact paper or vinyl. All you have to do is measure the inside and cut to size, peel, and stick.

8 Other Wood Items You Can Paint

Renew and Refinish other items around your home & yard

  1. Wood planter boxes
  2. Kids toy box
  3. Keepsake box
  4. Wall display boxes
  5. Picture frames
  6. Wooden spice rack
  7. Kitchen drawer dividers
  8. The old wooden bread box, the outside.

Have fun and comment below what item or items you are going to paint around your home. Craft paints make painting easy to use and easy to clen up. Everything can be cleaned up with soap and water. Be creative and give it a try. You don't know how much fun you can have until you do.

It's fun to refresh, renew and reuse. ENJOY!!!!

© 2017 Terrie Lynn


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    • Terrielynn1 profile imageAUTHOR

      Terrie Lynn 

      3 years ago from Canada

      Thank you, Audrey. We love painting and renewing thing's around our home and yard. My granddaughter enjoyed painting it. She is planning a pattern to paint on it now. Have a great day.

    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 

      3 years ago from Idyllwild Ca.

      I love what you did with the jewelry box. A beautiful transformation with the dark blue and bright pink. Lovely!

      Thanks for the instruction. I'm ready to go.

    • Terrielynn1 profile imageAUTHOR

      Terrie Lynn 

      3 years ago from Canada

      Hi Dora, thank you. I am thinking of adding to the candle sticks, my granddaughter doesn't want them in her room anymore. That means there will be an update.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      3 years ago from The Caribbean

      Good suggestions, good instructions. The end result is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your crafty skills.

    • simplehappylife profile image


      3 years ago

      You're Welcome :) Oh, she definitely is crafty :)

    • Terrielynn1 profile imageAUTHOR

      Terrie Lynn 

      3 years ago from Canada

      Hi, yes the second hand stores are a great treasure trove of items to recycle. I'll be going to a couple tomorrow. Thank you for reading and commenting.

    • flashmakeit profile image


      3 years ago from usa

      Great ideas. I often think about going to the thrift store to find jewelry boxes and redo to sale.

    • Terrielynn1 profile imageAUTHOR

      Terrie Lynn 

      3 years ago from Canada

      Thank you. It's my granddaughter's handy work. She doesn't believe me when I say she is creative.

    • simplehappylife profile image


      3 years ago

      Some great ideas :) I love the jewelry box!


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