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3 Tips to Get Your App 5 Star Ratings

Updated on October 6, 2015

Creating iOS apps is hugely competitive these days. With so many people building apps and marketing them for every imaginable purpose, you have a handful of options on getting noticed in the marketplace. Of all things that can help you the biggest is rising to the top of the charts in the App Store.

To get you to the top, your app actually needs to be really good. Five star ratings is just one indicator of that and it will certainly mean most people find your app to be good at what it’s supposed to do and it is easy and straightforward to use.

So these tips are going to focus on helping you build an app that’s really good so that it ends up getting five star ratings organically without you trying to scam and bribe your friends to rate your app for you.

Design for a Single Purpose

It’s very easy to add a lots of functionality to an app when you are first designing this. But this would typically lead to a bloated and confusing app that will not win you any fans. The first thing before you do any planning is to figure out a singular purpose for your product.

After identifying the purpose, whittle down any feature that does not match this purpose and intentionally keep it as simple as possible. The hallmark of all great apps are that they are designed for a single purpose and are quite simple work with.

Get the Design Right Before You Code

Once you know what the purpose is, it’s important to work on the design of the app. It’s best to break this down into two stages of first creating the Mockups for the app and then doing realistic UI Wireframes based on the the mockups.

Designing iPhone App Mockups is basically to figure out the key functionality of the app, main screens, how they connect to each other. Colors, styling is intentionally kept away at this stage so that you get to focus on the core functionality of the app and get feedback around that. A product like Creately is great for drawing iPhone App Mockups as it supports multiple device sizes, has all the components commonly used in apps ready to use. While Creately takes a drawing approach and is very easy to use, you could also use a mode advanced prototyping tool like InVision as well.


When you have the prototype you could link the screens together and get actual user feedback to see if it fits their need and solves their problem.

Next step is to get your designers to create photo-realistic UI’s with all the designs and styling that you need for the app to be created. It’s best to keep things simple and as close to native iOS styling so the users will understand it easily.

Test It Before You Release It!

After getting the app built, do a beta test. Apple Developer portal has its TestFlight system and there are some third party systems as well. Get a bunch of people that you can convince to use the app in real-life situations on multiple phones.

Different versions of iOS, different devices, other apps installed on the phone that interact with your app, all these can affect your apps performance and affect your final outcome in the app store. So getting it tested widely as possible is crucial for success.

Do these basic things and we are sure you’ll have tons of five star ratings generated by actual happy customers. Good luck with your app!


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