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3Doodler - Pen that creates 3d objects in the air

Updated on August 17, 2014

Introduction - What is a 3doodler?

3doodler is actually a 3d printing pen that helps you to draw or write anything in the air. It basically works off the page, like with an ordinary pen we write on the page or even draw but with this revolutionary product we can draw in the air and can really see that 3 dimensional object in front of you. Beyond imagination? Well it was because now this is for real. We had heard of and in fact we have seen 3d printers but there is a lot of difference here as 3d printing pen is more user friendly and very easy handle and moreover does not require you to have deep technological knowledge or any kind of software. Very helpful tool for the artists and fun for grown up kids. I really wish to have one some day.


Who are the creators?

Peter Dilworth and Maxwell Bogue are the genius minds of WobbleWorks who developed this tool of 3d drawing known as 3doodler. They started funding on kickstarter in febraury 2013 and were funded successfully. Now it is mass produced so that it is available to all countries and reach its users. Without doubt it is a viral product which is technically simple and user friendly. Earlier we use to wave our fingers in the air but now we can convert it into a 3d object. It is so simple and thanks to the makers.


How 3doodler works?

3doodler uses power supply and 1feet long plastic strips which is melted inside the pen and when you draw it extrudes the plastic which cools down very fast and becomes solid in seconds. 1 feet of each strand of plastic can extrude as long as 11 feet of melted plastic which means lot of fun. The tip of the pen becomes very hot when in use so not safe for kids. You can use ABS plastic or PLA plastics which is environment friendly and cheap,

The objects that it can create are endless, make jewellery, building models, birds or animals or just do free hand drawing or make a complex structure. The Eiffel Tower as seen in the image is made by a 3doodler is 5 ft long. So even a complex structure like this one is also possible with just a pen.

The 3doodler- 3d printing pen

Where can i buy 3doodler?

You can buy 3doodler pen from its official website It costs $99 with $15 shipping charges for delivery anywhere in the world. The price is excluding plastic strands. You can purchase mixed color or single color 25 piece pack of plastic strands that costs $9.99. Buyer can choose either PLA or ABS plastic as both option are available.

Don't miss their special offers on the website where you can buy a 3doodler with 50 strands of plastic together for $99 which excludes some countries.

Few 3d drawing pens like 3d doodlers are available on amazon as well which uses 1.75 mm ABS plastics whereas 3doodler uses 3 mm ABS plastic.

3doodler - This is how it looks


Which kind of plastic is best? ABS or PLA?

You can read the difference here to check which one is better. According to the makers it is better to start with ABS plastic and then try PLA plastic. ABS plastic products we see daily and is an old type of plastic, these are petroleum based and are much stronger and PLA are biodegradable and plant based so environment friendly. ABS plastics gives better results for upwards drawings and these type of plastics are more flexible. My 3doodlers use PLA also and they are also satisfied with the result, so experience on your own and decide.

Stencils - A helpful tool available for free


Stencils - How does these help you?

Stencils are available on the3doodler website in pdf format, 3doodlers can print these and use these stencils as reference. Stencils are available for free on the website like the one you can see in the image.Very helpful for beginners and also while making some complex structures.

Safety and warranty

Recommended for kids at least 12 yrs old. Its tip gets very hot so not safe for small children. It comes with 1 yr warranty and does not require much of maintenance. Loading plastic inside 3doodler is very easy, just a press of button will do. Its fun, its intelligent art, its technically smart drawing tool, not very expensive and will definitely be lot more successful.


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