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5 DIY Teacher Gift Ideas

Updated on December 12, 2013
5 great DIY gifts for your child's teacher!
5 great DIY gifts for your child's teacher!

Let’s face it, as parents it is hard to come up with affordable and simple teacher gifts. Many times I’ve opted for the quick and easy gift card. I know the teachers appreciate it, but I like to get my kids involved in holiday giving so we started making teacher gifts.

Our first year, it took a little searching to find something to make because I don’t want my kids’ teachers to get some gaudy craft. I wanted my kids to be able to make them something their teachers can truly use and enjoy without breaking my bank.

Even though I am talking about teacher gifts, these gifts really could work for anyone: friends, family, neighbors. No matter whom you make them for you’ll make great memories creating them with your kids. Best part is that they are all 100% kid tested…all 100% inexpensive…all 100% easy to make.

For each item I’ll give you an abridged list of what you’ll need to make the gift, an approximate time needed to complete the gift, and a link to complete instructions. Happy gift making!

Homemade Gel air freshers make awesome teacher gifts
Homemade Gel air freshers make awesome teacher gifts

Homemade Gel Air Fresheners

Cinnamon spice, spruce, vanilla, candy cane…all scents that remind us of the holidays. Let your kids make an air freshener for their teachers that gives off one of those lovely holiday scents.

Supplies Needed: Gelatin, essential oil, food coloring, small heat proof containers, salt

Approximate Time: 10 minutes plus overnight dry time

Even though this craft is ridiculously easy, it’s not the best choice for the youngest of kids since it involves pouring hot gelatin into a container. I let my kids put in the oil and food coloring, and then did the gelatin mixture myself. This one really did not have a lot of kid involvement, but they did help decorate them with bows. You could also have them decorate the glass container with stickers once the project is complete.

Cookie cutter bird feeders are a great teacher gift idea.
Cookie cutter bird feeders are a great teacher gift idea.

Cookie Cutter Bird Feeders

Your child’s teacher will love these cookie cutter bird feeders. They are so cute, and it’s a practical gift since our feathered friends are always searching for food around the holidays.

Supplies Needed: birdseed, gelatin, ribbon, cookie cutters

Approximate Time: 30 minutes plus overnight dry time

Even small tykes will have fun mixing and then molding the birdseed into the cookie cutter mold. Cookie cutter bird feeders are probably the most expensive of the gifts. Don’t get me wrong, they still aren’t expensive, but birdseed is not cheap. Plus, you do need to buy the kind with smaller seeds which tends to be pricier than the birdseed with mostly sunflower seeds.

Borax Crystal Oranaments make a lovely gift for your child's teacher
Borax Crystal Oranaments make a lovely gift for your child's teacher

Borax Crystal Ornaments

Science and gift giving; a perfect combination…at least for a teacher gift it is. You can teach your child about the science of crystal formation while making a lovely gift for their teacher to hang on their tree.

Supplies Needed: Borax, pipe cleaners, yarn

Approximate Time: 30 minutes of prep and 6 – 8 hours for crystal formation. Try to do this one on a day when you will be home so the kids can watch the crystals form throughout the day.

This gift may be the cheapest of them all to make because you are using simple household supplies you probably have lying around: borax, yarn and pipe cleaners. Children of any age can help making borax crystal ornaments. If you have older kids, they can do it on their own with limited instruction.

Make custom made tile coasters for your child's teacher.
Make custom made tile coasters for your child's teacher.

Custom Tile Coasters

You can easily use scrapbook paper to make custom tile coasters for your child’s teacher. This teacher gift is my favorite of the bunch. Perhaps that is because we are currently in the process of making 40 of them or perhaps it is just because it is such an easy, practical, lovely gift. Either way, I love the idea of making custom coasters for teachers. You can use the school colors or a teacher’s favorite color. Basically, personalize it in any way that your child wants.

Supplies Needed: ceramic tiles, scrapbook paper, felt, clear acrylic spray paint

Approximate Time: This really takes moments for each step, but there are a lot of steps. Many of the steps require drying time in between. Plan on taking a couple of days with these, but spending about 30 minutes total time over the two days.

Kids of any age can help with making coasters. There is lots of cutting and gluing and spraying which are all things kids love to do. One thing kids do not like to do is wait, and there is a lot of waiting between each step, so make sure you prep them with that knowledge before you begin making your coasters.

Easy to make glitter ornament make the perfect teacher gift.
Easy to make glitter ornament make the perfect teacher gift.

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Glitter Ornaments

Glitter ornaments are by far the simplest of all these teacher gifts to make. I am not kidding when I say, they take moments from start to finish. Glitter ornaments produce stunning results that any teacher would be proud to put on their tree.

Supplies needed: Floor cleaner, glitter, clear glass ornaments

Approximate Time: 15 minutes plus overnight dry time

Even preschoolers can make these because they are so simple. If you like they can even be spruced up by adding scrapbooking stickers. Best of all, they are made with glitter. ANYTIME kids play with glitter it’s a win/win situation. They love it!


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    • amiebutchko profile image

      Amie Butchko 3 years ago from Warwick, NY

      Good ideas. It is sometimes difficult to figure out what to give a teacher and these are great options my kids would love to get involved in. I especially like the tile idea.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      beautiful gifts. I am sure my kid's teacher are going to beam with happiness