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5 Easy Holiday Crafts

Updated on December 20, 2019
Anne Carr profile image

Anne is a writer and teacher who recently restored a decorative statue for a friend.

Holiday Crafts

During the holidays, decorations, gifts, and cooking seem to be the main focus. There are so many things to do or make and we often feel like we don’t have time to do any holiday crafts. However, these 10 easy holiday crafts are a fun and easy way to brighten your holiday season and not have to spend too much time on it! Many of these crafts can be done on your own or with family. Check out these easy crafts and see what might spark your creativity!


Homemade Christmas ornaments are a simple and easy craft for the holidays.
Homemade Christmas ornaments are a simple and easy craft for the holidays.

1. Christmas Ornaments

So many people tend to want to purchase fancy Christmas ornaments from the store, but there is another solution---you could actually make your own ornaments. There are several different approaches to this. One way is to create paint explosion ornaments. Go to your local store and get plain clear plastic ornaments and some craft paint. Simply pour some paint into the ornament and then swish it around. Mix different colors inside to make a cool rainbow or swirl effect inside the ornament. You can also choose to add glitter to the paint to make it sparkle. In addition, you can also paint ceramic ornaments or wooden ornaments. You can usually find plain ornaments from the Dollar Tree or your local Walmart for about a dollar a piece. This is a fun and easy craft to do with the kids since they will be painting ornaments themselves.


Wreaths can be a simple and fun activity and afford you a variety of possibilities.
Wreaths can be a simple and fun activity and afford you a variety of possibilities.

2. Holiday Wreath

Another simple and easy craft you can do is make a Christmas or holiday themed wreath. The best part about this is that you can get almost all of the supplies from either Dollar Tree or Walmart, and they are not that expensive. Holiday wreaths can be pretty versatile, so if you want, you can get the foam ring and put fake flowers such as poinsettias in it, or you could opt for something different like wrapping the foam ring in ribbons and hot gluing pine cones to the wreath. The endless amounts of combinations and creativity that go into making a wreath afford you the flexibility to do what you want.

Christmas Cookies

Christmas cookies are a very common tradition in many households.
Christmas cookies are a very common tradition in many households.

3. Holiday Cookie Decorating

One of the most simple holiday crafts that is a tradition for many is cookie decorating. This is another fairly easy craft that is inexpensive and easy to prepare for. Most stores sell sugar cookie dough that is pre-made so you have the ease of going straight to baking the cookies. However, if you want to make homemade cookies, you can also do that. A lot of people also love to make gingerbread cookies around this time of year, and that is certainly another option you have instead of sugar cookies. The best part about this craft is how much fun and creativity comes with it. In my family, my sister and I have a tradition of decorating “Ninja Bread” cookies every holiday season now.

They are these cute cookie cutters shapes like ninjas. Every year, we also make the more traditional shapes like candy canes, etc. I can remember one year specifically when our Christmas cookies were Star Wars themed. If you feel like you are not able to get a bunch of cookie cutters, consider looking in thrift stores or at Goodwill. They usually have items like this and you can buy them in bulk for cheap. When you are decorating your cookies, get creative! Think about what kind of icing you want to use, if you want sprinkles, or anything else to make your cookies special and festive. The best thing about this craft is you get ot eat the final product when you are finished!

Paper Crafts

Paper snowflakes and other paper crafts can be fun, cheap, and easy ways to enjoy the holidays.
Paper snowflakes and other paper crafts can be fun, cheap, and easy ways to enjoy the holidays.

4. Paper Snowflakes

Are you dreaming of a White Christmas? Paper snowflakes are a simple and easy craft you can do with the kids, and all you need is scissors and plain paper! The cool thing about these is you can really just do your own thing, and every snowflake comes out as unique and different. Fold your paper into a square and start cutting designs into it. Once you are finished, unfold your paper and view your masterpiece. If you want to add extra flair and fun to these, consider adding glitter to make them sparkle. If you want to put them on display as a decoration in your home, this might be the perfect thing to hang near the tree or on the wall!


Soap making can be a fun project and doubles as an easy Christmas gift.
Soap making can be a fun project and doubles as an easy Christmas gift.

5. Holiday Soaps and Bath Bombs

Soap making has gained more popularity in recent years, with the rise of bath bombs. Now, you get your own soap making kits and bath bomb kits at your local stores, such as Walmart. Get your base soap and then decide on colors. Usually they sell coloring for the soap base, so you can get your red and green pigments or whatever colors you want to use and add them to your soap base. Scented soaps especially make a great holiday gift, so choosing a holiday themed essential oil to put in your soap bar will make it extra festive. Some examples would be vanilla, peppermint, and pine scents. These are typical scents that might be in a holiday soap. When you are creating your soap, make sure you also have a mold for the soap to dry in. Think about using molds that are holiday themed or shaped. The great part about this craft is it can also be a gift! Consider making soaps for your friends and family as an easy and inexpensive Christmas gift!

Many Ideas and Many Choices

As you can see, there are many options when it comes to easy holiday crafts. Whether this is for Christmas or another holiday, or you are just getting into the spirit of the winter season, these crafts are bound to be fun for you and the family!


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