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5 Events for a photographer to shoot

Updated on February 3, 2016


Just about anyone who has a wedding wants pictures taken, not amateur pictures but good professional ones. This is a great way to start out your photography career and these photos are often great in your portfolio. If you know anyone who is getting married or anyone who knows someone whose getting married is a good way to get the word out for your business. You can also post on social media and have your friends do the same that you are available as a photographer for those events.

Baby showers

People with new babies always want pictures of their kid. This is especially great if you have props and backdrops that you can have for the baby. This is a good way to get your portfolio up as well just make you have good lighting and the proper equipment. This is another one that you can post on social media and have your friends do the same. Another thing you can do is put up fliers in places that new mothers often frequent like preschools.

Animal shelters

Local animal shelters will often need shots done of their animals and sometimes for their calendar if they have one. This is another great thing for your portfolio and it also looks good that you do stuff with the animal shelters as that can greatly boost your reputation. Good shots of animals include dogs running, and cats playing with toys. You will want to make sure these are done in good lighting with a positive and happy background as it will encourage people to get animals.

Birthday parties

Some parents will want their kids first birthday party or fifth or tenth or just about any party they want to be shot this is a good way to start. You can put up fliers at local children's places, fast food, laundromats, and just about anywhere else you would expect a mother to go to. This is a good opportunity to work with moving subjects and being able to improvise with surroundings as often times kids and their parents aren't going to want the photographer to keep holding up the kids party to arrange them for a photo. You will want to really be on the lookout for good shots and take PLENTY of them!

Sport events

If you have any local high school sports games or even college games you can contact the school and sometimes will higher out photographers for these events especially if it is against a rival team or a big event. They often will not have much money to pay out for you but sometimes they will let you post ads in the school and this can get you traffic for graduation photos, and baby photos for those young moms out there.

That's not all

There's hundreds of other ways to make money as a photographer some traditional some not. Above are opportunities that can be easy to get and are local so you will not have to travel. These are also good for beginners. You can sell stock photos and you can photograph so many other events. This a career where creativity is key and you will want to stand out and make a name for yourself in the photography community. Photography is a good at home business for creative people and easy to get started. The only startup cost is the camera which is a little spendy but still lower than other business startup costs.


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