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60 People To Follow on Twitter if you Love Crochet

Updated on October 31, 2012

If you follow the topics that I write about then you know that recently I’ve started to write more and more about the art of crochet. I only learned how to crochet a couple of years ago but I’ve really fallen in love with it. I blog about crochet, read about crochet and obviously engage in actually crocheting. I also discuss crochet a lot via Twitter.

If you also enjoy crochet and are on Twitter then you might be interested in following these Tweeps:

1. @AberrantCrochet. This Texas crochet designer Tweets a daily paper from the Twitterverse that has a lot of great crochet information in it.

2. @AllFreeCrochet. Tweets about free crochet patterns and other free crochet stuff.

3. @AmyCrochetville. Crochet tweets about her upcoming crochet classes along with other information.

4. @AnnettePetavy. This Tweep is a crochet designer whose Twitter account glitters with pithy statements.

5. @BuffaloGold. A yarn maker to follow on Twitter.

6. @CaronYarns. A yarn brand to follow on Twitter.

7. @crochetbug. Always posting interesting things about crochet.

8. @crochetbyfaye. A “Structural Crochet Engineer always wishing for more time in the day”. A blogger. A crochet Tweep.

9. @crochethobbyist. This Tweep offers lots of great links to crochet articles. The Twitter account has been quiet a lot lately but it’s one to keep an eye on over time.

10. @crocheting. Lots of links to crochet patterns and crochet books.

11. @CrochetKim. Crochet and knitwear designer to follow on Twitter.

12. @crochetkitten. A very accessible Tweep to follow for conversation about crochet and more.

13. @crochetnmore. Lisa Hamblin is a crochet pattern designer who puts out a crochet newsletter that you can learn more about by following her on Twitter.

14. @CrochetSpot. Want to know how to crochet or get crochet tips? This tweep helps.

15. @CrochetToday. The crochet magazine has an account on Twitter.

16. @cutecrochet. Crochet pattern designer who does indeed make and share cute crochet.

17. @GoCrochet. Crochet designer with great experience shares crochet business information on Twitter.

18. @Hooked4Life. Mary Beth Temple is a crochet designer who has written books and does a radio show. She Tweets about her activities.

19. @HotPinkHook. This crochet artist creates cool designs for dolls and also Tweets about crochet.

20. @irenestrange. Lots of links to crochet patterns.

21. @JayBirdDesigns. Etsy crocheter with a very active Twitter account.

22. @JellyYarns. Great source for new yarn.

23. @kathyelkins. Twitter account for the co-owner of WEBS yarn store.

24. @KnotByGranma. Her Twitter bio says it well: “I babble randomly, crochet art dolls, and design crochet patterns. I’m also a new knitter. It’s what I do”.

25. @lauraslefthook. A good crochet Tweep for crocheting mothers.

26. @LBYStudio. A yarn brand to follow on Twitter for sure.

27. @LeisureArtsInc. The twitter page for the company that is responsible for the wonderful creation of lots of great crochet books.

28. @lindamade. Crochet book author / crochet designer with an active crochet Twitter account.

29. @LionBrandYarn. Follow this yarn brand if you’re a crocheter.

30. @lomaslaces. The Twitter account for a Chicago-based yarn seller.

31. @LTSNeedlework. Colleen Leader is “Founder of, SYHO and Stella & Mimi. Needlework Insider & MomSpace columnist who loves social media & connecting with others.” That’s why you should follow her!

32. @maryjanecrochet. I love her blog PositivelyCrochet! and enjoy the Tweets that link back to it.

33. @MHDesigner. Margaret Hubert is a crochet designer who shares information about this work on Twitter.

34. @MollyMade. This Tweep is a crocheter among many other different creative pursuits that are inspiring to hear all about.

35. @MonikaDesign. An Etsy seller of home décor products including those made using crochet.

36. @Mountainside23. If crochet animals are your thing than this is a crochet Tweep to follow.

37. @NexStitch. A great place to find crochet patterns, tutorials and videos. A good crochet resource.

38. @nothingbutstring. People who enjoy both crochet and Etsy will enjoy following this Tweep. She only posts a few times a month but the posts are always relevant.

39. @OlekNYC. Olek is an awesome yarnbombing crochet artist who has a Twitter account that is occasionally updated.

40. @plainsight. Amy O’Neill Houck is “a writer, crochet and knitwear designer and vegan chef”. In Alaska! Awesome.

41. @PlymouthYarn. Another yarn seller to follow on Twitter since crocheters always need more yarn!

42. @Ravelry. This social networking site for crocheters and knitters is a great resource for so many things and following them on Twitter is just one more way to stay on top of what they have to offer.

43. @RebecaVelasquez. This crochet designer tweets regularly throughout the day and is fun to follow!

44. @RedHeartYarns. Another yarn brand to follow.

45. @sherylmeans. This crochet designer is a yarn shop owner who Tweets.

46. @StichStory. “A crochet designer who loves to design accessories in traditional and freeform crochet.”

47. @StitchDiva. Fashion-forward cutting edge crochet and knitting Tweets.

48. @StitchHouse. Yet another yarn resource on Twitter.

49. @stormyzcrochet. If the type of crochet that you really like is amigurami crocheter then the patterns shared by this Tweep will appeal to you.

50. @thecrochetdude. There are so few guys out there in the world of fiber arts that we really need to do what we can to support them all!

51. @TNNAorg. This is the twitter page for the National NeedleArts Association.

52. @ToniLRex. This is the Twitter account for Toni Rexroat, the assistant editor for Crochet Me and Interweave Crochet.

53. @TracieCrochets. Fibers by Tracie is a terrific crochet blog and the associated Twitter account is also awesome.

54. @UnravelMeDesign. AZ based crafter who crochets and tweets.

55. @Vashtirama. An active crochet blogger, peaceful person and Twitterer.

56. @VickieHowell. I love this crocheter whose crochet book I reviewed and quoted last month. I love her Tweets, too.

57. @WooWork. Fun and playful crochet tweep to follow.

58. @YarnHarlot. Author Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is actually a knitter, not a crochet but she’s so darn funny that I think she’s worth following.

59. @YarnThing. Both a crochet and knitwear designer, YarnThing is usually fairly active on Twitter.

And what about number 60 on the list? You can follow all of my crochet posts by checking me out on Twitter under the name @CrochetBlogger.


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  • profile image

    Canary LeBlanc 5 years ago

    A+ Baby has sccessories crochet baby patterns, elderly crochet patterns , filet crochet patterns, home crochet patterns, best of the best crochet patterns, and free crochet patterns.

    Take care and GOD bless you,

  • RTalloni profile image

    RTalloni 6 years ago from the short journey

    Thanks much for the twitter idea dn these links!

  • profile image

    Canary LeBlanc 6 years ago, hence, will have one free coloring page of over 20, one free baby info of over 30, 2 more free crochet patterns, and one crochet pattern to download of ovcr 20. Will have one new item on every 4 days. See the lower prices of best of the best and holiday. Take care and God bless you,

  • profile image

    Canary LeBlanc 6 years ago

    There's a new free crochet pattern on and a filet crochet pattern as well. Later will have 3 more new catagories coming.

    Take are and God bless you all

  • crystolite profile image

    Emma 6 years ago from Houston TX

    Awesome article,thanks for sharing.

  • profile image

    PWalker281 6 years ago

    Wow! What an amazing list! Gives me an excuse to log onto Twitter more than I do. Thanks for this!

  • Sinea Pies profile image

    Sinea Pies 6 years ago from Northeastern United States

    Years ago I crocheted an amazing blanket...couldn't repeat it now but I did love crochet. I want to compliment you on a great hub idea. I love that. Tweeting for friends is a wonderful gesture.

  • craftdrawer profile image

    craftdrawer 6 years ago

    I love crochet I will be sure to check these out. Great info!

  • scoobydeb profile image

    scoobydeb 6 years ago

    Awesome list. I hope you don't mind a shameless plug from me! I reproduce vintage patterns from long ago... @purplekittyllc

  • arsenicandoldlace profile image

    arsenicandoldlace 6 years ago from Saint Augustine, Florida

    crocheting is a wonderful pastime as it is soothing, and beneficial for we type A people who need a measurement of accomplishment at the end of an unproductive day. its kind of like doing dishes.