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A Big Change in a Photographer's Vision: Kodachrome is Out, Digital is In

Updated on April 14, 2016

As the digital camera takes over the world, Kodak announced in 2010 that the production of Kodachrome will decrease due to fewer demands for the developing of the film.

Photographer Steve McCurry was given the last roll ever developed to do as he pleased. As for the end of Kodachrome, this is going to hurt photographers but they seriously can't be serious with this. Digital can never replace film.

I remember back in forth grade, when I was given a camera and film right before I took a field trip to the Greenville Zoo. Being the type who loves taking pictures, I took pictures of every interesting animal I saw. I suspect I even got some really good pictures (especially one with a baby lion), but the film was never developed. I gave the film to either my mother or grandmother, who told me they would get it developed for me, but they never did.

A year later, my mother gave me another roll to use and then promised that she would get it developed for me, but she never did. Now that roll wasn't as important as the one from the zoo and I wish I would have held onto that film. The only photos I have of that day are the ones in my memory. Of all the picture that I have taken, those are the ones that I long to see more.

A few more years down the line, my brother and I were both given a roll of film to use at the beach (North Myrtle Beach) and my mother took them back to develop them but my brother was the only one who got his back developed. I once heard my father say that my mother favored her son over her daughters, and I hate to say it but he was right. My brother came first to her, my sister came second, and I came last.

My childhood ambition was to learn the art of developing film, but I guess that ambition will die too because what's the point of learning to develop it if you can no longer use it?


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