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A Dollfie Doll Picture Story

Updated on February 9, 2012

Dollfie's have captivated people all around the world for there beauty, fashion statements, cosplay, and there expertly made dolls. Dollfie was created by VOLKS Inc. in 1997 in Japan, and the word dollfie was compiled from "doll" and "figure".

The reason Dollfie has been so popular is that it is a fully customizable BJD, which stands for "ball jointed doll" making it easy to pose in various ways and has become in icon for anime cosplay, fashion shows and photography. They are made from a polyurethane resin, a porcelain-like, hard, dense plastic.

Doll Yoko 2

There are different models and kinds of dollfies, each to there own particular flavor. The original sized Dollfies were about the size of barbie dolls, and then Super Dollfies were introduced to distinguish the larger resin dolls the most common standard models are about 60cm, or 2 feet, tall, taller and heavier than most comparable Western dolls. Dollfie Dream's were made for the perfect fantasy body, Mini Dollfies for kids, and The elegant collection for people who don't like the look of the exposed ball joints.

Most of the sites you'll go on to buy a dollfie will be selling just the separate parts (head, torso ect..) but some sites will be selling complete models. Its truly amazing how people can have a dollfie hobbie just for the simple reason that there so damn expensive! They can range from $250 to $8000 for a full sized model. But if your looking for a deal usually you can go onto ebay on some of the stores just for dolls and get a deal.

People seem to be drawn to the dolls to make an extension of themselves or a "mini me's". Giving another way for self expression, or artistic values.

Dollfie Fashion Show

Of course they are also known for there fashion statements, and is one of the biggest reason dollfie is so known. It shows quite a bit of the Japanese culture and fashion, and since anime has made its way over to America and become more well known, so have the dolls. Which in America seems like more of an underground scene that a certain "type" of people gravitate towards. Which are mostly people that are into anime, video games, and emo or punk fashion. Mainly any way to character customize is a big deal nowadays, and to be able to have a perfect mini you....what better way to show off your style. A site called Etsy which is known for its handmade items, is selling many dollfie fashion items (wigs, clothes, accessories) for a good prices

The artistic side to the dolls is really quite amazing, since the quality is so great. The makeup on the dolls is usually done by an artist and can cost you up to $300 or so to do something called a "face-up". You can sometimes buy just the head of a doll that has the kind of make up and facial expression that you like. The other artistic side is the photography, and how creative people can get. Its almost like a "live" photo shoot when you coordinate the makeup, the clothes, the hair, the setting, the lighting and what angle your doing. It's a passion that can turn out beautifully. Here's a link devoted to dollfie artists online

Video Creativity

Dollfies were made for mainly girls, but it turned out that guys like them just as much as us girls do. Of course cosplay and the ability to have a your small dream girl had the certain appeal that guys needed.


Customized Dream Girl

And Im wondering are the real woman feeling left out from the devottees of ball jointed dolls? If so it would explain the hype in wearing Ball Jointed Stockings to attract attention from fans.

The seller, has sold so many pairs of Stockings priced at 2,000 yen ($25) per pair, that the quirky nylons currently sold out and customers are being advised they're on back order. by the way, is a site that sells clothing and accessories to Japanese schoolgirls...interesting? I think so....but then again Ive heard they sell underwear out of vending machines at schools there, so I guess the shock isn't as big.

The site shows schoolgirl models wearing the doll jointed stockings, and I'm wondering what the school staff will really allow with theyr'e ensembles. Its probably more likely that anime fans will snatch them up to add to the pazzaz of there own schoolgirl costumes and cosplay.

In the end I think that these dolls bring a sort of beauty to the world some of us are just addicted to from the start.

And some of us are even so devoted that we'll go to the VOLKS mansion in L.A. to get our Super Dollfies granted eternal life in a ceremony. Headed by President Shigeta none the less.

And if you think I'm joking...think again.

Some of us love the photography aspect of the dolls, trying to capture what beauty they hold to us.

Collecting desperatly trying to get as many as we can get our paws on, for there investment purposes, because its not fair that someone has the model you want, or your just so addicted you cant stop.

For the love of a great style...

Dollfie 'Faceup'

Or because we love to create the beauty of the doll....

Give them our edge and charm....

Or our human compassion through expression...

The common interest in cultures and popular shows...

The obvious cuteness...

Whatever the reason is to be drawn to these dolls, its pretty clear that they bring together all kinds of people from all over the world of to imagine and adore them.

And I cant blame them, because they really are pretty beautiful.


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    • DommaLeigh profile image

      DommaLeigh 5 years ago

      Wow those dolls are are so beautiful, it might not be the art form all can relate to but I think they are adorable. I have one anime statue but these dolls in my opinion are works of art. The eyes are amazing.

    • kattadellic profile image

      Kat 5 years ago from Kentucky

      I know some of them are really beautiful :)

    • kattadellic profile image

      Kat 5 years ago from Kentucky

      I think that everyone has their own weird hobbies and likes, and that everyone is entitled to their opinion. Therefore, you have every right to think the way you do, and everyone has the right to enjoy dollfies if they want to. Though the pedophilia opinions can't be expressed just in dollfies, you'd have to look at a bigger spectrum than that.

    • profile image

      Aixa 5 years ago

      This is kind of pathetic overall. Also many of the dolls seem like extremely sexualized underage children so this like many other Japanese nerdy-hobbies basically borders on pedophilia.

    • creativespirit63 profile image

      creativespirit63 5 years ago from Omaha, Nebraska

      Some of these dolls are amazing!