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Professional Nikon Lens - Nikon 24-70 AF-S f2.8 ED

Updated on July 23, 2015
The Nikon 24-70 AF-S f2.8 ED lens
The Nikon 24-70 AF-S f2.8 ED lens | Source

The Nikon 24-70 AF-S f2.8 ED Lens

The Nikon 24-70 AF-S f2.8 ED lens is Nikons answer to a pro level standard zoom. The reason I purchased this lens was quite simple, I wanted the best possible images from my Nikon D7000 which was being strangled by the 18-105 kit lens. After using it for several shoots in a variety of situations, I'd like to share with you what I think of the Nikon 24-70, from a general users point of view.

My rating of the Nikon 24-70 AF-S f2.8 ED lens

4 stars for Nikon 24-70 AF-S f2.8 ED lens

Appearance and Build quality

For a £1200 lens, you expect the highest level of build quality, and it doesn’t disappoint. With an all metal mounting ring and body the lens weighs in at a hefty 900g but it's the price you pay for a solidly made lens that will more than likely outlast several camera bodies.

Both zoom and focusing ring feel silky smooth with no wiggle or play. The zoom ring gives good resistance but still allows it to be turned with a single finger. Nikon claim the lens to be weather and dust sealed, I’ve done a shoot out in the rain and can honestly say I can see no sign of moisture/dust penetration.

I personally love the fact that the lens hood locks in to place and requires pushing a little button in to remove the hood so you don’t accidentally knock it off.


This lens is perfect for a walk around lens, giving a good range of zoom from 24-70 which fits most everyday situations. The large constant aperture allows you to delve into low light situations and still get great images without resorting to ridiculous ISO’s, while also maintaining the same aperture throughout the zoom range.

The lens produces very pleasing results for portraiture with superb sharpness and pleasing bokeh so it is often the lens of choice for wedding photographers. The only situation you may be struggling to get sharp results is where shutter speeds drop to around 1/60 or 1/30.The lens has no vibration reduction as with a lot of newer lenses, so if your having trouble you need to brush up on bracing yourself and the camera skills.

This pro level of lens is treated to nano coating to prevent lens flare when shooting in to the sun. I initially had a budget lens protector over the front element to save my new baby from any damage but I was getting some horrendous flare in my holiday snaps. I bit the bullet and removed the lens protector and the results were astonishing, next to no flare while shooting right in to the sun.

The zoom ring is a great size to grab on to and the manual focus ring is as light as a feather for fine tuning focus even during autofocus mode. I do find the focus switch on the side of the lens a bit tough to move but i always use the switch on the camera body anyway. The only downfall I can see with this lens, as with any other G (gelded) lens is the exclusion of an aperture ring. I found this to be an issue while recording movie with my D7000 as you can’t change the aperture in camera while recording has commenced.


Prices for this lens seem to fluctuate by about £50-£100 over time.I got mine for £1169 and it has since gone up to £1200.This is a lot of money to put down on a lens, Canons equivalent 24-70 f2.8 has recently been discontinued in favour of a vibration reduction USM version, but it's older brother without USM was at the same price point.

Pro's and Con's list


  • Spectacular image quality
  • Fast constant aperture
  • Built like a tank build quality
  • Weather sealed if you get caught in the rain
  • Fast smooth autofocus


  • Can give you arm ache during prolonged use
  • No vibration reduction
  • No aperture ring

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