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A Little The Fiddle

Updated on October 30, 2012

A Lot More Who Holds The Bow

I wish I could remember who the quote "It's a little the fiddle and a lot more who holds the bow" is attributed to. People often feel that they are handicapped by equipment or that the latest and best club, etc is all they need to become a champion.

I think I have proven that when it comes to photography, that it is who's behind the camera that counts. I have on several occasions used my skills to add visual spice to hubs; the Trayvon Martin 'Hoodie March', the rally against the "War On Women", and the solidarity march with the workers of Wisconsin are all examples of where I have used my eyes, and my Canon PowerShot A530 to chronicle events.

A recent event added confirmation that I have some skills, or at least some receptive Facebook friends. On October 27, I took myself and my camera to an event that a friend and fellow activist was putting on, the event also featured a performance by a local performer that became a tribute to the folk-rock duo Indigo Girls. Members of the audience became an impromptu backup band, providing percussion and vocals.

It was what happened in the days after I posted the pictures on Facebook that surprised me. As I added people from the pictures to my friends list, they starting using my pictures as profile pictures and maybe even a Facebook cover.

I like to say that I'm an artist trapped in a computer geeks body. Once in awhile, I prove it!


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