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A Sad Portrait

Updated on June 11, 2012
"If you've done it unto these my children, then you've done it unto Me."
"If you've done it unto these my children, then you've done it unto Me."

The Wrongly Labeled "Witch Children"

I watched a documentary recently, that showed little children in Nigeria that were being victimized by their religious leaders--and deemed as witches--all for power and greed. These so called religious clergy, who claimed to be Christians, terrorized families by telling them their children were possessed, and extracting money from them by claiming to exorcise their evil spirits. Hundreds of innocent children were maimed and abandoned in the streets, because their parents were told they brought bad luck and evil to their family and must be punished. I thought how the Savior must feel, seeing these little ones that he loves so dearly being maimed and discarded by their parents; and the pain in turn that their parents must endure feeling the loss of their children--all in the name of religion. True Christianity is based on love and compassion--as Jesus is our example. He taught us to love and serve one another, and that we must become as little children to enter into His kingdom. There are those in Nigeria that are trying to help these children and provide a home, food and medical help for them.

The Weeping Savior

For this reason, I painted this picture of Jesus with these little children. The child on Jesus' lap represents "Abuse"--for all the children that have suffered physical or sexual abuse. The child near Jesus' robe represents "Poverty and Ignorance" --for all the little children that have suffered hunger, disease, and homelessness because of poverty and ignorance. The quote from the bible that comes to mind, is the one from St Matthew 18:6--it reads; "But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea." The writing under the painting simply says, "If you've done it unto these my children, then you've done it unto Me." I hope that in some small way this might help those true Christian men and women that are fighting to stop this inhumanity, and providing a home for these children. All the proceeds from the sale of this print will go to their organization, " Stepping Stones Nigeria."


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    • signgirl profile imageAUTHOR

      Carol Hill 

      6 years ago from Palmetto, Florida and Herriman Utah

      Dear dragonflyfla, Thank you for your interest. I wish that you were right, and this practice was only the propaganda of a fanatical religious sect as you sited. But, in this case, please check for yourself the several news reports and sources, including television programs that have investigated this--also check the site of the good Christian leaders that are fighting to stop this practice in their own country of Nigeria. Even in our own Christian religion, as in Biblical times, different individual leaders have corrupted some of the true beliefs and teachings of Christ's original church and introduced their own superstitions and false teachings.

    • dragonflyfla profile image


      6 years ago from South Florida

      mmmm Beautiful art work but I doubt the Christian are terrorizing these families! Sounds like Islamic propaganda to me.

      It is the Christians who are under attack in these countries. Here is a list from Jan:

      January 1, 2012


      Nigeria's president has declared a state of emergency in areas of the country hit by a growing Islamist insurgency, amid escalating violence in Africa's most populous nation. The move came in response to dozens of attacks blamed on Boko Haram, an Islamist group that claims ties to al-Qaeda, most recently a wave of bombings over Christmas that killed nearly 50 people.

      January 4, 2012


      The militant Islamist group Boko Haram issued an ultimatum on Sunday 1st January giving Christians living in northern Nigeria three days to leave the area. This followed a number of attacks by the militants on churches and other targets over Christmas leaving more than 40 people dead. Update HERE.

      January 11, 2012

      Nigeria (hat tip to JihadWatch)

      Suspected members of Islamist group Boko Haram on Wednesday shot dead four Christians who were believed to be fleeing violence-torn Maiduguri, residents said.

      "Their car had just pulled up at a filling station outside the town to refuel when suspected Boko Haram gunmen in another car also pulled up and opened fire on the Igbos, killing them on the spot," said a resident of the city of Potiskum who sells groceries nearby.

      January 18, 2012


      A cleric, Pastor Yahaya Abdu of Baptist Church, Bajoga in Funakaye Local Government Area of Gombe State, has been found dead near his house. It was learnt that the body of the preacher was found on Sunday, with his throat slit open.

      January 21, 2012

      Nigeria (hat tip to thereligionofpeace)

      At least 80 bodies were piled in a morgue in Nigeria's second-largest city of Kano on Saturday after coordinated bomb attacks and shootouts the previous night, an AFP correspondent reported. Coordinated bomb attacks targeting security forces and gun battles on Friday evening spread chaos in Kano, the largest city in Nigeria's mainly Muslim north, with bodies littering the streets on Saturday.

      January 24, 2012


      Early morning attacks in Tafawa Balewa, Bauchi state on Sunday (Jan. 22) left at least seven Christians dead and a church building destroyed. The attack on the Evangelical Church Winning All Church 2, residents of Tafawa Balewa said, was carried out by area Islamic extremists alongside members of the Boko Haram sect, with the church building and surrounding houses bombed.


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