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A Nature Walk in South Carolina - Colors and Shadows Captured on Beautiful Day.

Updated on February 28, 2020
Don Bobbitt profile image

Don is a Writer and a Storyteller. He has published over 9 books on varied subjects along with many articles and commentary on his blogs.


A DragonFly Resting on  twig
A DragonFly Resting on twig | Source

Sights in Longs South Carolina near Myrtle Beach

I live in a nice little community in Longs SC called the Long Bay Club.

Overall, it is full of friendly residents, mostly retired, mostly area transplants, who are enjoying the climate and lifestyle of the Myrtle Beach area of South Carolina.

I, like many in the community, have one type of physical ailment or another. And like myself, I assume they also have Doctors who harp on their need to eat healthy, take their medications, and most importantly, exercise regularly.

I hate the dedicating the time you need to put into exercising regularly,.But knowing that I really do need it; when my wife and I are in town, I try to walk around in the community at least several times a week.

Our community has several miles of nice flat streets available to the residents, and there is no through traffic, so it is a relatively safe place for anyone to walk.

When you walk the same route regularly, the scenery does get a little boring. Almost as boring, believe it or not, as if I was in a gym.

You know, riding one of their many exercise machines that are designed to provide physical punishment, (or so it seems, LOL) for hours.

Beautiful Palm Leaves in the Sunlight

Capturing the sunlight passing through some Palm Leaves
Capturing the sunlight passing through some Palm Leaves | Source

Nature is everywhere, Just Look for it.

Don't get me wrong, our community is a very nice, slightly upscale one, with a nice variety of quality homes in it.

No cookie cutter homes here. The variety of designs, colors, and layouts of the homes are all some of the key things that enticed me to the development in the first place.

In addition, all of the homes are nicely landscaped with a broad variety of shrubs and flowers that really set the community off, over and above many of the other ones that I checked out when we were looking to move into the area.

But, as I said, repetition of scenery forces you to look for something different to break up the monotony of repeatedly walking the same route.

So, today, before my walk, I grabbed one of my cameras, and decided to catch some shots of the community. Not pictures of houses or even their structured and planned flower gardens.

No, I wanted pictures of what Nature insists on sticking out of the ground, whenever we humans turn our backs and relax for a little while, in our futile attempts to tame her.

Nature Photography

So, being something of a photographer, I decided that I was going to concentrate on what Nature had waiting on me, while focusing particularly on shots of combination's of interesting colors and contrasting shadows.

Included in this article, are some of those shots. All of them are what I saw as good examples of Colors and Shadows of Natures just lying there for me to enjoy.

I hope you enjoy the pictures, and for you people living in the community and anywhere that there is natural plant growth, come on out and walk.

It won't kill you. At least that is what my Doctor says to me every time I go for another checkup.

And, according to my wife, "As lazy as you are; If YOU can walk, ANYBODY should be able to!".

That always brings a laugh to my throat. Ha! Ha!

All joking aside, sometimes you just have to go outside, re-adjust your focus, and you might be surprised how much beauty you are walking past every day.

All you have to do is slow down, and Look!

PS: These are just a collection of quick shots, that I enjoyed, and will continue to enjoy. I am not trying to post a collection of award-winning pictures, Just what I see there, on a daily walk, that Nature put out there for my enjoyment.

Just a Vine, Growing on a Pine Tree

Vine on a Pine
Vine on a Pine | Source
DragonFly | Source
Empty Lot
Empty Lot | Source
A Little Autumn Color on a Bank
A Little Autumn Color on a Bank | Source
Interesting Colors in a Ditch
Interesting Colors in a Ditch | Source
Contrasting Shades of Colors
Contrasting Shades of Colors | Source
Cattail in Shadows
Cattail in Shadows | Source
Carolina Pines in the Sunlight
Carolina Pines in the Sunlight | Source

Berries You do not eat

Oconee Azalea
Oconee Azalea | Source
Colors and Shadows 1
Colors and Shadows 1 | Source

A well placed Birds Nest

Birds Nest
Birds Nest | Source
An Oak Tree - Is it a "Tree in Shadow" or is it a "Tree in the Sun"???????
An Oak Tree - Is it a "Tree in Shadow" or is it a "Tree in the Sun"??????? | Source

Seed Pods

I Gotta Look it up.
I Gotta Look it up. | Source

Poke Berries

Poke | Source

Grass run Amuck!

Leaves in the Sun
Leaves in the Sun | Source

Poke Leaves and Berries

Pokeweed | Source

Using the GoPro Hero Camera

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