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A simple holiday craft you can make with any age child using toilet paper rolls

Updated on February 2, 2015

Toilet paper roll holiday decor

your painted toilet paper roll craft can be shaped into a garland, a wreath, or even a mobile!
your painted toilet paper roll craft can be shaped into a garland, a wreath, or even a mobile!

Anyone Can Do This Craft!

This craft can be done with anyone from babies to the elderly. Expect those under 6 to need assistance from an adult. The beauty of this is that no artistic ability is needed. Anybody can slap paint around!

Materials You Will Need:

  • toilet paper rolls. You may want to make a habit of saving these in your household because they are very useful for various kid-friendly crafts. Substitutions: the cardboard tubes from paper towel rolls, aluminum foil rolls, or wrapping paper rolls, cut up into smaller pieces.
  • washable paint. The beauty of this craft is that you just need to have paint in colors that match the holiday. So for Christmas, use red and green. For Easter or spring, use pastels. For Halloween, use orange and black. Finger paints usually have a good, thick consistency for this project, but experiment with different types to get different looks.
  • paintbrushes or sponges. There should be one for each participant. Brushes should be at least one inch wide. Tip: take a common household sponge and cut it into 2 inch pieces for a cheap way to have multiple applicators. You can toss them afterwards if you don't feel like cleaning them.
  • (optional) glitter and glue. I prefer glitter glue pens because they are less messy and easier for small children to handle, whereas traditional glitter tends to cause a sparkly explosion that is difficult to clean up afterwards.
  • string or wire. You can use string for garland and mobiles, whereas a wreath requires some wire. Tip: you can try using an old wire clothes hanger.
  • art smock. If you are doing a craft project with little ones, this is a must.
  • tarp or newspapers or a plastic garbage bag to help keep the work area clean.

Allow your rolls to dry while standing upright to keep from smearing the paint.
Allow your rolls to dry while standing upright to keep from smearing the paint.

Painting the Rolls

  1. Prep the work area. Lay down the tarp or plastic garbage bag on a table (or on the floor if that's easier for your crafters). Dress little ones in easy to wash clothing and smocks - or with babies you may wish to let them paint while wearing only a diaper. Lay out the paints and the brushes.
  2. Distribute some toilet paper rolls. If you are crafting with more than one child, make sure one excited kid doesn't hog them all!
  3. Paint! Don't fret if the paint gets mixed together - the varying hues of each toilet paper roll will actually add to the look.
  4. Let dry. Depending on the paint you used and how thick it was globbed on, this may take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.

Your glitter can be in a pattern, or it can be smeared around.  It doesn't matter, it'll still look nice when hung altogether!
Your glitter can be in a pattern, or it can be smeared around. It doesn't matter, it'll still look nice when hung altogether!

Glitter it Up!

You can make squiggly lines, polka dots, hearts, or any simple design. You can even write names. Alternatively, you can just let your child smear some glitter and glue around.

String The Toilet Paper Rolls Together!

If you're using string, you can string them like beads on a necklace. If you're using wire, once you're done getting all the toilet paper rolls on a section, you will need to bend the wire into the desired shape.

A Versatile, Easy To Do Craft

Here are some ideas for applying this craft to any holiday:

  • Valentine's Day - use wire to shape the rolls into a heart. Paint the rolls pink and red.
  • Saint Patrick's Day - use different shades of green. You can use wire to shape the rolls into a shamrock.
  • Easter or Spring - use pastel paint and dangle from the ceiling with strings of varying length to make a whimsical mobile.
  • Halloween - use black and orange paint and dangle from the ceiling in long strings to make a curtain trick-or-treaters can walk through
  • Christmas - make a circular wreath or a simple garland after using red and green paint.
  • Birthday Party - use primary colors and shape into a garland.

Kick this craft up a notch!

Glue on beads, use stickers, or metallic markers to make your garland, wreath, or mobile unique and all your own.


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    • peachpurple profile image


      3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      I like this toilet paper craft, my son is going to like it

    • Easy-tasty-recipe profile image


      3 years ago

      Hello :)

      Great hub. Will try when my baby's bigger :)


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