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Carved Aboriginal Emu Egg For Sale

Updated on October 9, 2012

carved emu eggs for sale

Are you looking for carved emu eggs for sale ? Below is an Aboriginal carved egg for sale .

Emu egg carving first became popular in the mid to late nineteenth century and still is popular today as the Emu eggshell is laid down in layers (usually 7) being from dark green on the outside through shades of jade green to white on the inside . Emu Eggs like the one above are highly attractive when carved.

Both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal artists practised the art, with some silversmiths designing elaborate and ornate contraptions to hold the eggs in place.

We met a local Aborigine who did the work on this egg and told us the story about the carving on the egg , how they find the emu eggs and I would love to go out looking for them when they go.

During the twentieth century Aboriginal people of south-east Australia and the Carnarvon region of Western Australia kept the practice alive and you can see their many talents Carving, etching & the painting of Emu eggs continues today with dozens of artists depicting Australian animals like the koala , goanna etc , people,and scenes from the past or present like the Sydney bridge .

The Emu is the largest bird native to Australia and, after the Ostrich the second-largest bird that survives today and reaches 1.5 to 2 metres in height and weigh up to 60 kilograms

It inhabits most of the less-populated areas of the continent, avoiding only dense forest and severe desert.

We have seen groups and pairs of them when out driving in the outback but they take off really fast as they are known as good runners, they can sprint short distances at 50 km/h. But they usually just walk at 4-7 km/h, covering 10-25 km a day !

Emu Egg for sale

Locally done by an Aboriginal
Locally done by an Aboriginal
Emu egg for sale
Emu egg for sale
Hard to get to an emu in the bush. They run fast !
Hard to get to an emu in the bush. They run fast !


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