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Acrylic Paint Pours...Sealing Your Canvas.

Updated on June 9, 2019

Super Secrets...

If you are one of the many of the hundreds of thousands of people creating acrylic paint pours these days and are on social media you’ve either seen or even yourself have asked these questions. What is the best way for me to finish my painting? Why am I getting divots in my resin? Why can't I remove all the silicone once my painting has dried? Why do I get brush strokes in my clear coat? Should I use a spray on finish?

The finish is just as important as the paint recipe you began with. Super Secret is what that is and this part shouldn't be and so from here on out it will not be because I want to share it with you.

30+ Years of Finding Solutions

But first let me tell you a little about myself just so you understand that I am not some housewife that is doing science experiments in her kitchen. Which by the way isn’t a bad thing.

I’ve been in the building industry for more then 30 years. I have known some of the best house painters and carpenters in the business. I am also the kind of person that asks a lot of questions and am very observant, and determined. I myself have painted 100s upon 100s of gallons of paint onto homes myself.

So this isn’t some idea baked up in the kitchen but rather much experimenting and a whole lot of waiting.

I absolutely love acrylic paint pouring! I took it up about 2 years ago when I was going through a bunch of major changes in my life. It was a fantastic distraction. Unfortunately, I started running into the same thing that many of us do and that was either the expense of a resin finish or brush strokes in the clear acrylic finish. Another question asked time and time again, “How do I get away from brush strokes in my clear coat finish?” or “Why am I getting divits in my resin”? or “How do I get the remaining silicone off my finished painting for sealing”?

I can promise you that with what I am about to tell you that there won’t be ANY brush strokes because you don’t use a brush at all.

Here is the why that I feel like I can share this information with you. When I was in the construction business it was a family run business. It was our job to make everything in the end look like it just came off of the showroom floor. We couldn’t always rely on the normal products to remove something that didn’t belong, but that was ultimately our job. My mother used to say “If it doesn’t belong remove it, there is always a way.” She was and still is a firm believe that Where there is a will, there is a way. Needless to say I always had my hands on products that were created for one thing but worked great for other things. Think Duct Tape. Duct Tape is made for keeping duct work sealed at the joints and yet here we are in a world held together by Duct Tape. So this is where all this off the wall thinking comes from long after I no longer work in construction finishing work.

I really don’t want to sound like some infomercial but I really do want you to know that I’m not trying to pay my bills by selling you on a product (even tho I will make a few cents if you purchase it, which is appreciated so I can buy more canvases lol). But more so is that I want everyone that is in the same boat with the cost and frustrations of resins and clear finishes that there is another solution and it’s INEXPENSIVE and EASY.

That High Shine of Resin

Remember this is totally off the wall, but it DOES IN FACT WORK BEAUTIFULLY. You won’t get that glass finish that resin gives you, nothing will give you that except for resin. I myself don’t want my art to have that high shine finish though. I like my colors to POP but still have a slight sheen. To me acrylic paint pouring is distracting when it has that high shine on it and most home décor doesn’t look right with something with that finish on it, well not in my décor anyways. What this product will do is restore the colors back to more of a wet look. When acrylic paint dries it loses its vibrancy, it kind of dulls down. Without a way to bring the colors back "up" we can't see the cell definition and many of the tiny details in the way the paints have mixed during the tilting process won't show either. In particular one of the things that I love the most is how this acts on the metallic paints that we all love and adore.

When this product is wiped on it penetrates the dried paint and brings it back to life. Wiping off the excess isn't removing the oil from within the paint but rather just removing the surface oil which is why it won't matter if you have successfully removed all the silicone from the painting process. If nothing else THAT alone makes this product worth using.

My experimental pieces have gone through my little tests with flying colors…HAHA No Pun Intended

How to Use Howard Feed & Wax

So here is the run down on how to use this product. So EASY!! I use a dedicated microfiber cloth to apply the beeswax oil. ( by dedicated I mean that you can use that same cloth over and over without washing it, in fact don’t ever wash it, just throw it away so you don’t get a bunch of oil in your washer) You don’t need much. I’d guess for a 16x20 canvas you’d use about a fifty-cent piece size squeeze, but you can’t use too much because you later will wipe it off. I make sure the whole canvas and sides has a nice coating, not thick but covered. Let this sit for about an hour. You can have this leaning against something if you don’t have a place to lay it flat, it doesn’t run or slide. But try not to get this on carpet or a painted wall, as it is an oil. After an hour take another microfiber cloth that is clean and wipe off the excess oil from the canvas. I like to allow it to sit a bit more after this and then buff it up until it has the shine I prefer. At this point you have a sealed canvas and your paint colors have come back to life. Done.


More Tips and Tricks

I don’t often get to give advice on solutions in homes and products that have multiple uses but this one has many. While you are here reading this post I’d love to share with you a few more places that I’ve used this product.

Stainless Steel Appliances – Use it in the same way as I described for the paintings. It lasts for months and repels fingerprints. Instead of wiping the door finger area (the area everyone uses instead of the handle) get your dedicated microfiber cloth out and just give it a freshen up and allow it to sit a few minutes and buff. Also works amazing on stainless steel hoods over the stove top. I have separate cloths for my paintings and cleaning cloths. Just in case.

I am in no way affiliated with this company but I do LOVE this product. I can’t even remember why I actually bought this product years back but I haven’t been without it since. I wish I could tell you where to purchase it other then online but I can’t because I’ve never seen it elsewhere since the first purchase which was some little handy store where I used to live and they aren’t there any more, but it is available online. PHEW.

This product smells amazing too. It has an orange oil which smells nice and orange-y and the beeswax makes your hands really soft, well it does mine anyways. The scent doesn’t last so no worries that your canvas is going to smell that way for long.

An Idea how much I use on this size canvas 24x36

What IF You Don't Prefer the Finished Look

My Acrylic Paint Pouring Experiment is now over a year old. It still has the original look to it that it did months ago when I did the final buff out. I have and will continue using this product for my paintings as there is no reason in the world for it to yellow and that is my fear with resins and clear coats. I’ve yet to see a resin anything after 10 years that didn’t yellow with time. So to me the art that will last the test of time is one that won’t yellow and I feel as though I have found that in this.

Every single day I see thousands of people asking for finishes for their Pour Paintings and in that I see thousands of people only getting ONE of TWO answers… there is another answer and THIS is that answer. The absolute worst thing that could happen is you purchase it, try it on a test piece and you’re not happy with the finish. But you still have an amazing product for all your wood furnishings in your home and it smells good too, NO WASTED MONEY!

Close Up After Application

Much richer color
Much richer color
Details come to life!!
Details come to life!!
That reflection of light is the finish not the flash. Just enough shine to catch your attention but not enough to distract from the beauty of this canvas in all its pink glory
That reflection of light is the finish not the flash. Just enough shine to catch your attention but not enough to distract from the beauty of this canvas in all its pink glory

Before and After

Zoom in on the Before & After Shot

Maybe one day I'll spend a small fortune on a light kit but for today please zoom in so you can truly get a feel for the depth of color after the application has been dried and buffed. The definition around the cells is amazing in person.

Sadness can Occur Decades Down the Line

Have you read the articles about acrylic artists from decades past where museums are trying to save the drying, cracking acrylic works? Acrylic paint is like liquid plastic and after many of years in different environments it will crack if not properly taken care of. You can help with that by adding a nutrient like beeswax to keep your paint in good form. Acrylic paint will dry and crack if the layers are thick on the canvas. Think of how fragile something plastic becomes after years outside in the weather.

You can Google that :)

© 2019 Sierra Matthews


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