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Alfred Sisley - English Impressionist Artist

Updated on May 22, 2010

Artist Alfred Sisley was born on October 30, 1839 in Paris, France to English parents. He applied to become a French citizen several times during his life but was denied. In 1857, he was sent away to London to study business. When he knew he had no inclination for business, Sisley returned to Paris in 1862 and began studying art with Marc-Charles-Gabriel Gleyre; while there he met fellow artists Monet and Bazille.

In 1866, Sisley began a relationship with Eugenie Lesouezec; the couple had two children. They were eventually married in 1897. Sisley had no family income to depend on after 1870 when his father’s business failed so he had to make a living off of the sale of his paintings. He basically lived in poverty for his entire life.

Sisley by Renoir
Sisley by Renoir

Sisley returned to England several times; in 1874 he created a series of paintings of the Upper Thames River. While many of his Impressionist colleagues painted figures as well as nature scenes, Sisley painted nothing but landscapes. He had his painting exhibited at various Salons de Refuses and Impressionist exhibits.

Alfred Sisley died on January 29, 1899.

While Alfred Sisley is not the best-known of the Impressionist artists, his landscapes are feasts for the eyes and his talent is unmistakeable. Like many artists, his work was not really recognized until after his death.

Alfred Sisley Quotes

Every picture shows a spot with which the artist has fallen in love.

I like all those painters who loved and had a strong feeling for nature.

The animation of the canvas is one of the hardest problems of painting.

Lane Near a Small Town. Alfred Sisley 1864

Sentier de la Mi-cote, Louveciennes 1873

Bridge at Hampton Court 1874

Snow on the Road Louveciennes 1874


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    colin 6 years ago

    very underated

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    cashmere 8 years ago from India

    These are beautiful, must share them with my mom. She does oil painting.

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    I love the Impressionists! The videos are really beautiful - thanks for posting them! :-)