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Tiny Amigurumi Bear Pattern

Updated on April 3, 2015

I made these little teddy bears as cute little thank you gifts. Since they are adorable and fun to make I thought I would share. I don't usually write patterns for my creations--so you're looking at my very first! Hope you find it useful!


Hook: USD3/3.25MM

Yarn: 4 - Medium

Other: Embroidery thread, embroidery needle, stuffing

For this project I used the Alpaca Dance blend from Premier in the Wood Nymph color.


Create magic ring or chain 3 and slip stitch (sl) in first stitch.

Single crochet (sc) 5 in ring. (5)

2 sc in each sc. (10)

sc 3 rows. (10 per row - 30 stitches in total)

Put stuffing in.

Decrease by 5. (5)

Fasten off and leave a tail for sewing.

Arms & Legs

Mark off where you want the arms and legs to be, make sure it's even.

Crochet directly on the body.

2sc. (2)

Ch 1, turn, 2 sc. (2)

Fasten off and weave tails into work.

Repeat for other 3 limbs


Create magic ring or ch 3 and sl in first ch.

5 sc in ring. (5)

2 sc in each sc. (10)

2 sc in each sc. (20)

sc 4 rows. (20 per row - 80 all together)

Decrease by 10. (10)

(You can add face now if you have beads or if it's just your preference)


Decrease by 5. (5)

Fasten off and leave a tail.


Mark off where you want the ears to be on the head. Make sure it's even.

Crocheting directly on to the head sc3. (3)

ch 1, turn, sc 3. (3)

Fasten off leaving small tail. Weave both tail ends into ear and head.

Repeat on other side.

Finishing Touches

Add your face and whatever else you like. I put a shiny yellow bow.


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    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 5 years ago from the short journey

      Such a cute little item!